My Favorite Quotes
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 Robbie Atkisson - “We hope to have 35. We'd certainly like to have more than that.”
 Robbie Atkisson - “This is a family friendly event. We tried to make sure the entertainment was just a variety of things.”
 Robbie Atkisson - “I felt like the hope that I have (to survive cancer) will go all the way to heaven.”
 Robbie Atkisson - “We tried to reach all the churches in the county and everyone on the committee and on teams made sure that as many people and churches as possible know about Cancer Sunday. Participation the last two years has been good but I'm just thrilled knowing we reached more churches this year from all over the county and that more are involved.”
 Robbie Atkisson - “This isn't just about breast cancer. It's about all types of cancer. Everybody's out there for one goal ... to help raise money to find a cure.”
 Robbie Atkisson - “It's going to be an awesome night. If you've never been to a Relay come out and receive a wonderful blessing. It will be a wonderful family-oriented night with something for everyone.”