My Favorite Quotes
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 Ed Atorino - “I would not be surprised if a private equity group ended up buying Knight Ridder, and then took their time and sold off the assets to strategic buyers.”
 Edward Atorino - “Newspapers have an agenda that does not match people's opinions in many cases, ... They are out of step politically, they are out of step in coverage. People get fed up with that. Newspapers are out of touch with mainstream Americans and now the problems are coming home to roost.”
 Edward Atorino - “This deal may get people to start dusting off their files about newspaper values.”
 Edward Atorino - “For Tribune, on a long-term basis, it's terrific. While in the short term there's a lot of dilution, ultimately this will be a monster success.”
 Edward Atorino - “It sounds like they have a backer, and it's always all about the money.”
 Ed Atorino - “Ultimately, the fragmentation is going to make it tougher for them broadcasters to hold on to their share.”
 Edward Atorino - “There are some deep-pocketed guys who want to own newspapers.”
 Ed Atorino - “The real problem is structural retail consolidation, difficulties in the classified auto space and competition from other media.”
 Ed Atorino - “You're not going to see a (buying and selling) frenzy. For the time being it should ... give investors some comfort there is some value out there.”
 Edward Atorino - “Advertising for travel and resorts virtually vanished with the war and those will trickle back, but there are other issues facing the stocks. Help wanted advertising has hit a 40-year bottom with the surge in unemployment and retail advertising continues to be soft with an uncertain consumer.”