My Favorite Quotes
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 Ramy Attalla - “The Medicare moment of truth is drawing near. The hype is already fading as more and more seniors experience the pain of the donut hole and incomplete coverage -- a problem that will only get worse between now and the end of the year.”
 Ramy Attalla - “Shopping Canadian when you hit the doughnut hole may mean the difference between staying on your medications and not being able to afford them at all. Most patients are finding that paying full retail price for several months is senseless, if not impossible. Ordering from Canada, in that situation, is the perfect answer.”
 Ramy Attalla - “Declaring that the Medicare insurance program is superior to Canada based on 5 cases is statistically inappropriate and completely unrealistic. If additional drugs were added to each patient example there would likely be 3 out of 5 enjoying better savings from Canada. The solution for each patient is a moving target that leans either way depending on where they live, what drugs they take and which are covered. Our own analysis of hundreds of patients reveals Canada offers the better deal 75 of the time. That's the reality.”