My Favorite Quotes
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 Al Attles - “We have forty-four defenses for him, but he has forty-five ways to score.”
 Jeff Battles - “A lot of people thought I wasn't ready last year. I think they saw (this year) that I could do a good job.”
 Ian Battles - “By the end of the year, I hope the kids will think some of the ideas I had were good and that they are happy with the progress they've made. We're going to try and compete as well as we can. By the time the sectional comes around, we'll see what we can do.”
 Ian Battles - “We had a very good day. This is the first time we've beaten Princeton this year, and to beat both Princeton and Washington by good margins is very pleasing. We ran a great race.”
 Wallace Wattles - “Riches secured on the competitive plane are never satisfactory and permanent. They are yours today and another's tomorrow.”
 Wallace Wattles - “It is essential to have good tools, but it is also essential that the tools should be used in the right way.”
 Wallace Wattles - “You can advance only by being larger than you present place. And, no man is larger than his present place who leaves undone any of the work pertaining to that place.”
 Ian Battles - “It was a nice preview of what we'll see if we can get to the regional this year. We were only one point behind a sectional opponent in Gibson Southern. Our goal is to get out of the sectional. There are some things we have to work on to do that.”
 Wallace Wattles - “Do all that you can do in a perfect manner every day, but do it without haste, worry or fear. Go as fast as you can , but never hurry.”
 Jeff Battles - “It's real exciting. I have been here for the last six years, and I have put in a lot of hard work. It's exciting to finally get this job.”
 Jeff Battles - “We haven't had a guy in the finals in 10 years, so it's unbelievable right now.”
 Ian Battles - “It's been a smooth transition. I'm using some of the things dad did and changing some. I've talked to coach (Ralph) Connor and coach (Bob) Swank to get some ideas. I've had a lot of good people around me.”
 Wallace Wattles - “To permit your mind to dwell upon the inferior is to become inferior and to surround yourself with inferior things.”
 Wallace Wattles - “Do not read anything which fills your mind with gloomy images of want and suffering.”
 Wallace Wattles - “The grateful mind is constantly fixed upon the best. Therefore, it tends to become the best it takes the form or character of the best and will receive the best.”
 Ian Battles - “It made me very happy to have two runners make all-conference. The kids stepped up and competed very well.”
 Wallace Wattles - “The very best thing you can do for the whole world is to make the most of yourself .”
 Wallace Wattles - “Live in the new house mentally until it takes form around you physically.”
 Al Attles - “The most important thing is that they won the game. And that's what I've always said about Wilt's 100-point game. We won the game. ... That's the reason you play.”
 Al Attles - “He never saw me play ball in high school. You had to rely on relationships or a friend who knew of a good player in this town or that town.”
 Ian Battles - “I was pleased with the way we competed. Terre Haute North is a perennial contender to go to the state and North Central has been very competitive in the past few years. Getting second here was good.”
 Wallace Wattles - “In times of doubt and indecision, cultivate gratitude.”
 Wallace Wattles - “Where increase of life ceases, dissolution and death set in at once.”
 Wallace Wattles - “You must form a clear and definite mental picture of what you want. You can not transmit an idea unless you have it yourself.”
 Wallace Wattles - “You can conduct your business so that it will be a ladder by which every willing employee may climb to riches himself.”

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