My Favorite Quotes
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 Arjun Atwal - “When I have any kind of doubts in my mind about making a putt, most of the time I don't make it. If you're out on the PGA Tour, most guys know how to putt. It's a matter of how strong your head is.”
 Arjun Atwal - “You've got to remember that this is what you play for all your life, and being on the big show, you've got to keep trying, ... This is my first time playing the course and even if I don't make the cut, I want to play as good as I can for next year.”
 Arjun Atwal - “I had mixed feelings at the BellSouth because I hit it in the water when I wanted to win.”
 Arjun Atwal - “I didn't hit it too well in the first few holes, when there was no wind. But I got it up and down a few times, just steady stuff. And as the wind started to pick up, I kind of started to focus a little bit better and hit it closer and made a few putts.”
 Arjun Atwal - “Yesterday, I didn't let it get to me, ... I've shot enough bad rounds and I know everyone is going to make bogeys in tough conditions. When you want to throw in the towel, you've got to remember that.”
 Arjun Atwal - “I thought it was going to be inside left, but it broke a little more than that. It was a wrong time to miss a putt.”
 Arjun Atwal - “I hit some bad shots but didn't let it get to me. The course is there for the taking, you can make some birdies out there. I started with a 62 in my last European win and the club manager who was at the Mines Resort in Malaysia is now running this club here. It could be a good sign.”
 Arjun Atwal - “You know, our baby was coming along. We had no family in America at the time, so every time I missed a cut or was close to making a cut, I wasn't even thinking about the cut. I was thinking of going back to my wife and taking care of her. As soon as the baby came along, I started doing well again.”