My Favorite Quotes
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 Abdel Atwan - “He is presenting himself not as a terrorist, a bloodsucker, a man who would like to destroy the world -- he also has a political agenda, he is using this terrorism for political ends.”
 Abdel Atwan - “We understand when the international media fall into the trap of the Jewish settlers and run live coverage of the evacuation.”
 Abdel Atwan - “These elections ... will put an end to the era of dictatorship by one party or faction in decision-making in Palestinians political life. They will set the cornerstone for new nationalist institutions based on merit and probity ... and will establish a nation of law.”
 Abdel Atwan - “But they will also do the minimum to stop people from going to fight in Iraq to avoid a sectarian conflict at home.”
 Abdel Atwan - “I think the letter is genuine. We can't verify it because we don't know where he is, he is on the run. I have seen his signature before and it looks like it. I think it is authentic.”
 Abdel Atwan - “He told me that bin Laden is saying to President Clinton that the battle has not started yet and they will answer these raids with actions, not words.”