My Favorite Quotes
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 Jeff Atwater - “I don't know if it's going to be a painful few days or two years.”
 Jeff Atwater - “For the citizens of Florida who may in fact, like any corporation, be brought into our court system, that they be held to one simple standard. They will be held accountable for their share.”
 Jeff Atwater - “I don't see that conversation going that way at this point.”
 Lee Atwater - “Mostly I am sorry for the way I thought of other people. Like a good general, I had treated everyone who wasn't with me as against me.”
 Lee Atwater - “It took a deadly illness to put me eye to eye with that truth, but it is a truth that the country, caught up in its ruthless ambitions and moral decay, can learn on my dime.”
 Lee Atwater - “I don't know who will lead us through the '90s, but they must be made to speak to this spiritual vacuum at the heart of American society, this tumor of the soul.”
 Lee Atwater - “My illness has taught me something about the nature of humanity, love, brotherhood and relationships that I never understood, and probably never would have. So, from that standpoint, there is some truth and good in everything.”