My Favorite Quotes
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 Gordon Auchincloss - “He has a billionaire's spending habit, but a millionaire's budget.”
 Louis Auchincloss - “We were not as rich as the Rockefellers or Mellons, but we were rich enough to know how rich they were.”
 Gordon Auchincloss - “He is looking at liabilities in the nature of 400 million.”
 Louis Auchincloss - “With her high pale brow under her faded brown hair, she was like a rock washed clean by years of her husband's absences at conventions, dinners, committee meetings or simply at the office.”
 Louis Auchincloss - “Perfection irritates as well as it attracts, in fiction as in life.”
 Louis Auchincloss - “Only little boys and old men sneer at love.”
 Louis Auchincloss - “Keep doing good deeds long enough, and you'll probably turn out a good man in spite of yourself.”
 Louis Auchincloss - “The glittering structure of her cultivation sits on her novels like a rather showy icing that detracts from the cake beneath.”
 Louis Auchincloss - “A neurotic can perfectly well be a literary genius, but his greatest danger is always that he will not recognize when he is dull.”