My Favorite Quotes
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 Mark Zauderer - “The defendants put the whole case on the line when they testify. Once they take the stand, the whole focus changes from the government evidence to whether the jurors can buy the credibility of the defendants.”
 Mark Zauderer - “You've got to question the judgment of the person. No lawyer would have his client in the dock calling potential witnesses. It could be very suspect in the minds of the jury.”
 Mark Zauderer - “They have been ordered to do what they should have done a long time ago, which is to process the club's application.”
 Scott Auderer - “I think our team came ready to wrestle today. I think we wrestled just about as good as we could. We did not lose a match we were supposed to win, and we won a few we weren't supposed to. I am proud of there effort, and they all did a good job.”
 Scott Auderer - “They've brought our whole team up to a different level as far as what to expect and how to practice and how to work.”
 Mark Zauderer - “At the end of the day a trial like this is a morality play. It is not just what happened, and who said what to whom, but who is an honest person.”
 Scott Auderer - “Gilbert wrestling hasn't been around that long so to have two guys of that caliber come along at the same time is pretty special for our program. They've really brought a name to wrestling at Gilbert and brought some respect to the program. Their records aren't by mistake they've worked tremendously hard.”
 Mark Zauderer - “The circuit court didn't find the evidence unpersuasive. Instructions can be cured, whereas presentation of evidence can't be cured.”
 Mark Zauderer - “The appellate court said there's a lot of evidence to bring the case again. But the risk is it appears to look vindictive. And if they lose, it puts in jeopardy the government's theories on obstruction of justice. They've already heightened the public consciousness about the necessity to preserve documents. A loss could communicate the message that it's difficult to prosecute these kinds of cases.”
 Scott Auderer - “I would say, mentally, our guys are stepping it up. We're not changing anything in our approach. It's business as usual. We're going to work to improve things here and there.”
 Scott Auderer - “I am just so happy for Nate and Brady this was their first full year of wrestling. Brady is a very good athlete for 260 pounds. He can move he's got good balance, good hips, and those are the things you need to be successful in wrestling.”