My Favorite Quotes
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 Dan Gaudette - “Dave's plant is successful and is always seeking ways to improve upon that success. The Canton plant has been called the Nissan revival plant because it achieved the company's aggressive launch schedule and plans.”
 Robb Audette - “Matt, being the older of the two, has found himself in a leadership position on our team and he's taken Kyle along with him.”
 Robb Audette - “He has played a lot of tennis and seen a lot of different styles in his life. What's nice is he is always able to regain his focus when he loses it.”
 Dan Gaudette - “We recognize that it will take a long time and enormous efforts to rebuild along the Gulf Coast. With these Titan trucks, Nissan will help that work proceed.”
 Dan Gaudette - “Nissan is a part of Mississippi, and we're very concerned about what's happening throughout the state as people cope with the effects of this hurricane.”
 Dan Gaudette - “We suspect in the next couple of years that we will need to make some decisions.”
 Dan Gaudette - “Our employees understand the need to adjust our planned production schedule, and the focus groups were very supportive. Their suggestions were used to develop the revised plan.”
 Robb Audette - “We knew that he'd have some tough competition last week. But the tennis he played was beneficial. He'll have another tough match (today), but he usually rises to the occasion of his competition.”
 Robb Audette - “It's kind of cool working together for the benefit of Weld County tennis. The tennis was good, and it was good for the benefit of Eaton and Greeley tennis.”
 Dan Gaudette - “Nissan is a company that manages its operations with flexibility and in response to customer demand. As we begin launching the wave of 2007 models this summer, we're confident that normal production schedules will resume.”
 Robb Audette - “He has come a long way. For him to skip No. 1 doubles and win this tournament the way he came back to win, is a huge accomplishment.”