My Favorite Quotes
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 Arthur Schopenhauer - “Every truth passes through three stages before it is recognized In the first it is ridiculed, in the second it is opposed, in the third it is regarded as self-evident”
 Manfred Auer - “It is the quest for an understanding of hair cells at a molecular level that drives our research. We would like to understand how hair cells work, why they are vulnerable and why in mammals hair cells do not regenerate.”
 Rutger Hauer - “I don't know what my appeal is. I can see I've got blue eyes and don't look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame but I can't understand the fuss.”
 Nicolas Schlotthauer - “If Indonesia proceeds with reforms like they're doing right now, we still see a chance in the medium term that they belong to the double-B investment universe again.”
 Nicolas Schlotthauer - “What we like about India's story is it's a bet on a rating upgrade into the investment grade universe. India is another economic giant which is emerging.”
 Franz Beckenbauer - “The most important thing however is the money. What use would it be to us, to have a a mighty stadium but a useless team, because we couldn't afford anything better”
 Adrian Cronauer - “The American flag represents all of us and all the values we hold sacred.”
 Gary Bauer - “If they get to these things this summer, which we expect that they will, that will go a long way toward energizing the values voters at the base of the Republican Party.”
 Karl Brauer - “He has very high standards and strong family values.”
 Lyle Bauer - “We need to move to more of a 12-month sports and entertainment entity that can meet the needs of a variety of users.”
 Dale Neibauer - “What I told the girls at halftime was that we could get a moral victory because it was impossible to win. We showed how we could play in the second half. It gives us something positive to build on.”
 John Tauer - “As a function of us wanting to believe we can cheer our team on to victory, we feel much closer to those individuals.”
 Arthur Schopenhauer - “Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world.”
 Bruce Iglauer - “His truly beautiful voice and melodic, understated guitar style contrasted dramatically with the more rough and raucous blues and blues-rock that came before him.”
 Joe Mauer - “He's got my vote,”
 Guy Tauer - “Part of the equation is that there are a lot of people moving into the area not worried about the wages here.”
 Gary Bauer - “In this case, Bush has given us a nominee with even less of a written record than Chief Justice John Roberts. I, along with millions of other Americans, will wait until the confirmation hearings in order to have a better sense of her judicial philosophy.”
 Joe Mauer - “It's kind of a tough deal, because I'd like more time to work with each pitcher. It is what it is. I'm sure they will both be ready, but as to how much I'll know of them, we'll just have to wait until we get to that point, I guess.”
 Rudi Assauer - “We're a 100 percent convinced by his work. There's no need to wait until the end of the season.”
 Jessica Lauer - “She would walk a couple of miles every day.”
 Franz Beckenbauer - “The trouble for today's footballers is they have too many distractions. We used to get our old players coming to watch training with football magazines in their hands. Now, more often than not, they are checking the share prices.”
 Franz Beckenbauer - “I would pass him the ball and watch him play, it was like Mozart. This year, playing with him was absolutely amazing.”
 Peter Bauer - “It points to some very strong on-the-ground, on-the-water local information.”
 Arthur Schopenhauer - “Wealth is like sea-water the more we drink, the thirstier we become and the same is true of fame.”
 Matt Lauer - “Al is still under the weather,”

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