My Favorite Quotes
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 Bryan Augenstein - “My delivery got out of hand a little. It's frustrating but I won't let it get to me.”
 Bryan Augenstein - “My teammates' play behind me helped. Every time I start, I get stronger.”
 Bryan Augenstein - “My goal for this season was to go out on the mound and put my team in position to win every time I step out there. We lost a lot of guys from last year and I knew I had to step up. I trained really hard in the fall and spring to throw as many pitches as I need to.”
 Bryan Augenstein - “I tried to pull everyone through. Everyone worked really hard today but that stuff (errors) is going to happen.”
 Bryan Augenstein - “My first start I had better stuff. My arm didn't feel as good today as the first game.”
 Bryan Augenstein - “We don't accept just taking the series. We want to come out tomorrow and get the sweep.”
 Bryan Augenstein - “Coach always preaches to us, get ahead, get ahead, make something happen.”