My Favorite Quotes
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 Klaus Augenthaler - “Over the two games Liverpool fully deserved to go through,”
 Klaus Augenthaler - “I just hope it wasn't a one-off and that we're going to tail off again after this. Everything seemed to work well. I hope it lasts.”
 Klaus Augenthaler - “We were disciplined in the second half, though, and we made it through as group winners, when no one thought we had a chance.”
 Klaus Augenthaler - “We have played six games this season but this is the first time we have played well.”
 Klaus Augenthaler - “The team played football today the way I like to see it.”
 Klaus Augenthaler - “People who can't take pressure are in the wrong place.”
 Klaus Augenthaler - “At least we played with heart and desire - two things that were missing in the Wolfsburg defeat,”
 Klaus Augenthaler - “I had imagined my return rather differently. I could see today that we have a lot of work ahead of us.”