My Favorite Quotes
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 Emmanuelle Vaugier - “The cast, thankfully, doesn't think Hurst's job on House of the Dead 2 Dead Aim will be too difficult. We are hoping that it's going to be much better than the first one. That won't be hard, ... We're trying to erase the first one from people's memories.”
 Emmanuelle Vaugier - “Emmanuelle Vaugier told SCI FI Wire that she's completed production on House of the Dead 2 Dead Aim , a follow-up to Uwe Boll's much-derided House of the Dead , which was based on the video game of the same name. That was fun, ... We had a good time on that one. Actor-turned-director Mike Hurst directed it, and Andy Hurst, his brother, did the second unit.”
 Emmanuelle Vaugier - “Painkiller Jane centers on the title heroine, a young Marine officer who gains rapid self-healing powers after being exposed to a biochemical weapon. They're slightly different, yet the same, ... Jane doesn't become a different person, necessarily, but things happen in her life that change her perspective on life in general, on who she is, and she starts to question a lot of things. So in her transformation into Painkiller Jane, she becomes a little more hardened and a little more skeptical of the world around her. I didn't treat them as two entirely different characters, but there definitely is a shift that happens.”
 Emmanuelle Vaugier - “I play the sheriff of a small town in Pueblo, N.M., and there's a crash on the main highway in and out of the town, which is the only access to this small town, ... I arrive at the crash site to investigate what's happened, and I find something that looks like a small crab leg. I bring it to Nodin Tonantzin Carmel of Into the West , our DNA specialist, and she doesn't know what it is, other than that it's an unknown organic lifeform like nothing she's ever seen before.”
 Francois Laugier - “European laws apply to each individual country above the laws that have been passed in those specific countries. So it is a possibility that Apple could go to the European courts to have this law ruled unconstitutional according to the European rules. Apple may be headed into a legal battle.”
 Francois Laugier - “France has a tradition in the fight between David and Goliath of protecting the little guy. France is focusing on the user rather than on the company that is providing service.”
 Francois Laugier - “It seems to me very difficult to implement this legislation at a European-wide level because it would take too big of a bite into Apple's business. Right now, Apple's is the leading model in terms of digital music.”
 Francois Laugier - “Apple better get lobbying fast. There may be provisions for free commerce and antitrust that would give an angle to Apple to attack this position.”
 Emile Augier - “Homesickness for the gutter.”