My Favorite Quotes
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 John Augustavo - “They were simply outsized. We were able to dump it inside to Sara and she would either make the shot or draw a foul, and she did terrific at the line.”
 John Augustavo - “Roosevelt plays an up-tempo -- I call it helter-skelter -- kind of game, and they try to pull you into it. If they get you into it, you're in trouble. They play a bumping and pushing style, and if it's not called, your kids try to do it, too. It worked (for them) tonight.”
 John Augustavo - “(A lack of) patience was an issue, and it's been something we've fought all season. I hope this game was a wake-up call, but it's a crappy way to get it. The kids have been resilient all season. Hopefully, we'll get another shot at them.”