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 Seimone Augustus - “They did a good job on the defensive end, but most of it dealt with our offense. We just stood around and basically didn't do anything.”
 Seimone Augustus - “I'm just glad to be part of the history here. I'm more happy to get a win than the 2,000 points.”
 Seimone Augustus - “I can't think of better inspiration. It's right there. You're looking at it this is what you work for. There's nothing else that needs to be said or heard.”
 Seimone Augustus - “It's kind of a theater-type atmosphere.”
 Seimone Augustus - “I just had a lot of thoughts about the opportunities we've had (to win a national championship). I also thought about the opportunities we have now.”
 Seimone Augustus - “We weren't energized, we didn't have any energy. Our offense wasn't clicking the way it should have been, and our defense wasn't the best. It was just the time that we needed to pick it up, especially in the second half.”
 Seimone Augustus - “It was just time to pick it up.”
 Seimone Augustus - “Regardless, we knew she'd want us to come back to Europe and go for the gold. While it was shocking when it happened, at the same time we knew what we had to do.”
 Seimone Augustus - “We showed a lot of heart and a lot of guts just to keep fighting through the difficult times that we had when Sylvia was out and our offense was struggling. Just to be within 3 going into half says a lot about us and our character.”
 Seimone Augustus - “We don't worry about seeding. We have to be prepared to play whoever, wherever. We're focused on our goal of winning the national championship.”
 Seimone Augustus - “She came in and talked to us like young women. I think we can take to the talking more than the yelling. We understand what we did wrong and what we needed to do in the second half.”
 Seimone Augustus - “You want to go out on a high note. It's a great opportunity to play the best ever.”
 Seimone Augustus - “It's just another opportunity to win a championship, something that doesn't come easy.”
 Seimone Augustus - “It just came down to the fact that it was my home-town school. I grew up around here, it was the opportunity for me to play in front of my friends and family.”
 Seimone Augustus - “I feel great about what I've accomplished. My goal was to come here and make an impact. Being close to home, I've been able to have family and friends witnessing that impact and supporting me.”
 Seimone Augustus - “If someone has to take them especially at crunch time then I'd rather take the shot. I'm not saying that my teammates can't make the shots, but I'd like them to come to me every time.”
 Seimone Augustus - “Then, I would go outside and perform those drills, until I had not only mastered them but got to the point where I could compete against men. And men who were 20, 30 plus, not just teenagers.”
 Seimone Augustus - “I think a lot of times we got caught standing in the paint, so there wasn't a lot of opportunity for the perimeter players to drive. Once we spaced the court and screened and cut - do the things we do - it was difficult for them to keep up.”
 Seimone Augustus - “When you step into an arena like the Civic Center, with so much history that they've made in there, yes you do come in as the underdog because they've done what they've had to do over the years to prove themselves as possibly the greatest program in the country. We're trying to establish ourselves as a powerhouse school as well. It's going to be a tough challenge to see where we are as a team.”
 Seimone Augustus - “It's a very different court. I'm just glad we get that day of practice on the court because it helps you to get your mentality right. It actually might be a comfort zone for us since we've played in that facility before.”
 Seimone Augustus - “I really don't understand how a men's and women's program wouldn't get along. It's like brotherhood and sisterhood with us.”
 Seimone Augustus - “My eye's on the prize. We want to win. But if we don't, I'm not going to jump off a bridge.”
 Seimone Augustus - “That helps motivate us. We witnessed everything that happened firsthand and the way we had to adjust and adapt to the situation. The Katrina victims really helped inspire us.”
 Augustus - “Science sees signs Poetry the thing signified.”
 Augustus - “Half the failures in life arise from pulling in one's horse as he is leaping.”

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