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 Alain Vigneault - “It's unfortunate, our penalty killing had been so strong lately. Obviously, you need strong penalty killing on the road to win games. In general, I liked the way we played. We were down 3-0 and came back hard.”
 Alain Vigneault - “In all the games, we worked really hard. This was a tough grind here. The schedule was backwards. It made it that much more challenging for us. I'm happy with the way we played throughout the trip.”
 Donald Ault - “Comics continue to have a pretty bad reputation. They're often lumped in with TV and video games.”
 Rick Brault - “Were coming off a couple down games but I think the kids will respond well.”
 Jeff Perreault - “We're running out of games to get healthy, and we're running out of games to get back on the winning track.”
 Jim Migneault - “Its going to come down to how well we play. Were pretty close (to securing a playoff berth) but we still have to win a couple of games down the stretch.”
 Jim Migneault - “We just played four really close games and we stepped up defensively. I think we can surprise people.”
 Jocelyn Thibault - “The toughest part is to be able to execute in the game without thinking. When you're not playing a lot, you have to take drills in practice like they were games, just because you want to be able to go out there and not think, just play.”
 Rick Brault - “These kids have nothing to be ashamed of they played a great season. I dont think a lot of teams anticipated we would be here. Were desperate to get some respect down in the York area. Most of the Portland-area schools dont even know we exist. We want to let them know that were around and that we can give anybody a game.”
 Estelle Perrault - “It was quite illegal. Public bodies can't give resources to private bodies.”
 Alain Vigneault - “That was a big momentum shift. To give up that goal really, really hurt.”
 Alain Vigneault - “I played with Joey Mullen back in Salt Lake City before he got called up to St. Louis. He was the first player ever to score 20 goals in the American League and 20 in the NHL. I've kept in contact with him and he's a great guy.”
 Jeff Perreault - “You have seven goals, and you're uncomfortable.”
 Jeff Perreault - “It was a nice win. We don't want to get in the habit of giving up five goals but if we're putting in 10, I'm still smiling.”
 Jeff Perreault - “The goals they got were just good hockey plays by them, not mistakes by us.”
 Mark Amirault - “It's definitely something to be proud of. Those other guys are not a bunch of pushovers. I think there were four guys under 420. The other guys ran pretty good, I just try to push myself to an even higher level.”
 Alain Vigneault - “Those teams are playing really well right now. We're in a tough division, a good division. You've got to get better every week.”
 Mike Thibault - “The most impressive part is that she played 25 minutes without a turnover. She struggled a little bit with here shooting. She did a lot of other good things.”
 Paul Tetreault - “It was a good game to get everyone involved and we had eight players score points.”
 Chris Ault - “He's as good a back as you could recruit as a freshman... If he gets out in front of you, he'll get to the end zone.”
 Mike Thibault - “She can post up and shoot the three, she's a good passer, maybe a little bit more aggressive offensively than Brooke was sometimes, defensively. She's a smart defensive player, but I don't think she has the foot speed that Brooke did.”
 Bernard Thibault - “The government has to admit, in light of yesterday's protest, that this reform cannot be implemented in its current form.”
 Matthew Archambeault - “The government didn't present any case, they just wanted it to appear like they did.”
 Matthew Archambeault - “He may step into sensitive areas that could harm the security of the US Government or other countries.”
 Bernard Arnault - “What worries me ... (is) that they will penalize European growth through hasty increases in interest rates without any justification.”

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