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 Mike Thibault - “I thought we'd play our best game (Sunday) - instead we played our worst. (Afterward in the locker room), I just wrote the stats on the board and let them stare at them awhile.”
 Jocelyn Thibault - “I thought it was way over the net, and it kind of dropped. I heard it hit the cross bar, and I thought it was wide. And all of a sudden, it's in.”
 Jeff Perreault - “I thought he did a real nice job coming into a heated situation where we were getting barnstormed. He came in and settled us down.”
 Jeff Perreault - “I kind of thought the third was going to be our period, it was just one of those nights where things didn't go our way.”
 Jeff Perreault - “I really thought our play was really improved. We really worked a lot harder than the day before.”
 Michel Foucault - “As the archaeology of our thought easily shows, man is an invention of recent date. And one perhaps nearing its end.”
 Chris Ault - “I thought Caleb played pretty well, and Jeff was solid. They did a nice job with it. I think that combination continues to get better and will do nothing but help us down the road.”
 Mike Thibault - “I'm more impressed with some of the defensive plays we made, steals, tips in the lane, rebounds in traffic. I thought they all stepped up and did that.”
 Alain Vigneault - “Greener is a veteran who is supposed to bring an offensive touch to the game. I thought he was all right in the first game but just so-so in the second. He had a long layover and it showed. Hopefully, a good week of practice here should help him.”
 Bernard Arnault - “I can confirm our objective is for very significant growth this year. This is the first time that we have done this at this point in the year, which demonstrates our confidence.”
 Chris Ault - “Those four guys are going to have a chance to really show what they can do. Hubbard is doing very well and we are anticipating that he might get some time the last week of spring (practice).”
 Alain Vigneault - “Obviously, it took Jason a little bit of time to get his groove but I like the way he's been playing. We're going to need him to play that strong and even better in the playoffs. He's the type of guy that with one shot, he can find the back of the net. He's a shooter, he needs to go to those tough areas and he understands that.”
 Alain Vigneault - “A win is a win, but the guys weren't happy -- they would have preferred to do it in regular time. It's a big win for us and I liked a lot of parts to our game.”
 Alain Vigneault - “We were ready, but nothing transpired. For us, we're just in reaction mode a lot of the time.”
 Jeff Perreault - “We're more prepared for it than the first time we played them.”
 Jeff Perreault - “I don't remember the last time in Pirate hockey history that we had back-to-back 10-goal games.”
 Nigel Gault - “It's interesting because the economy is growing in real terms, so you would expect to see the markets frequently posting all-time highs, because the trend is (naturally) up.”
 Nigel Gault - “For a long time we've been looking for consumer spending to slow down, ... It's a question whether this is a trigger for a broader slowdown in consumer spending and the housing market.”
 Mike Thibault - “It's a huge road win, guarantees a winning road record for us. Every time you win a road game at this point in the season, it puts pressure on the teams trying to catch you to do the same.”
 Alain Vigneault - “I don't see this as any different from any other time. We've got two good offensive lines, a couple grinding lines and guys on D who are going to get a lot of ice time.”
 Mark Amirault - “After the race I was a little disappointed because that was the second time I lost to that kid. I thought maybe if it was on a different track I could have beaten that kid, but that's part of racing, the type of track you're on and stuff like that. I always want to win, but that's kind of a reality. It was a good showing to be there and finish second.”
 Chris Ault - “We saw some good stuff out of Dominic. At times, I thought the offensive front did a real nice job. And I thought the defensive front played well at times. There was good and bad stuff from both fronts.”
 Jeff Perreault - “There were a couple times that they had their sticks raised and when we had our sticks raised but the goalie was on top of it.”
 Alain Vigneault - “This was one of his strongest games all year long, at both ends of the rink. He made some really solid plays in our end, along the boards. And when you do that, a lot of times it pays off at the other end.”
 Dan Nault - “I think we're in a position to compete for the league title. This team can hurt you in a lot of ways.”

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