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 Brad Ausmus - “If he had any type of run support, he'd have 20 wins easily. He's been that impressive. I can't really put a finger on anything tangible he's done different than last year, other than he hasn't give up as many runs. ... He hasn't changed his approach, he hasn't changed his stuff. His velocity hasn't gone up.”
 Brad Ausmus - “I don't think he's moving out here to be living close to me, per se, ... I think the idea of living in this climate and his affinity to golf is a big attraction for Baggy. There are tons of golf courses out here, but I've never played golf with him out here.”
 Brad Ausmus - “I've seen him pitch better, but he's always got good stuff. Even when he's off, he's got good stuff.”
 Brad Ausmus - “The most important thing is that he can use his right arm again. I know he's going to get this surgery to remove the bone spurs. You never know what can happen. You hope after the surgery, a month later, his range of motion is better, he's feeling great and who knows, maybe he can play again. But at this point, it's a quality of life issue. Not a career issue.”
 Brad Ausmus - “I gave Chris Burke a hard time. I told him I played more second than he did.”
 Brad Ausmus - “After talking to him, I think he was battling himself a little bit, ... But trust me, I'll take Andy at any time, at any point with any game on the line.”
 Brad Ausmus - “I think you learn to understand although you may be down, you're not out.”
 Brad Ausmus - “Generally, if there's any question, I would either tag the guy or throw the ball to first or turn around and look at the umpire and show him the ball and get a definitive out call, ... I see both sides of the issue. I think in Josh Paul's mind, there was no question, and the replay seems to show he caught the ball. I understand why he assumed the batter was out, but by the same token he did reach down toward the ground.”
 Brad Ausmus - “The last two weeks, ... is like water torture. You play, and you look at the scoreboard and try to figure out where it all falls. Time just seems to crawl.”
 Brad Ausmus - “Certainly the game, despite the fact of the wild-card race, is secondary for Roger and his family, but it doesn't surprise me that he wants to go out onto the mound and pitch.”
 Brad Ausmus - “Not only to get the strikeout and get out of the inning, but you don't have to worry about facing Albert with the bases loaded.”
 Brad Ausmus - “He's always been one of the better offensive players in the game. Despite the fact that he's 40 years old, he continues to be one of the better offensive players. He's a huge part of our offense. We need him to hit like he has for this team to do well.”
 Brad Ausmus - “He's tough to compare to anyone, I think, because of not only his success but the longevity of his success. I mean, who pitches for 20-some years and has only one losing season and at the age of 43 has a sub-2.00 ERA”
 Brad Ausmus - “We're different. We have a healthy Andy Pettitte, which certainly helps. We also don't have Jeff Kent, Carlos Beltran and a healthy Jeff Bagwell. Now our reputation starts and ends with our pitching, whereas last year it was a little different. People thought of Bagwell and Biggio and an offensive juggernaut.”
 Brad Ausmus - “With the shortened arm path, the ball seems to jump a little better,”
 Brad Ausmus - “People don't understand that pain he has played with. It's not simple pain. It's the kind of pain people associate with an injury.”
 Brad Ausmus - “Jeff's very realistic. If he comes in here and two weeks into it he can't swing the bat or he's back to where he was last year, swinging the bat and it turns to pain, I think he would say, 'I'm not able to play.' Barring that, I think he has every intention of playing this entire year.”
 Brad Ausmus - “I don't know if you can expect that every night.”
 Brad Ausmus - “Everyone looks at the records and talks about how this team plays so many sub-.500 teams and this team plays so many teams above .500, and it's all a load of crap. You've got to go out and win your games no matter what anyone else does.”
 Brad Ausmus - “The ump sees what, 225, 250 pitches a night and get the great majority of them right. But it's not like his call scored any runs. They did that on their own.”
 Brad Ausmus - “It's a combination of things. When you have a record like that, it's got to be some luck. But he's also one of the best pitchers in the league and certainly that's a big part of it.”
 Brad Ausmus - “When you have a record like that against a particular team, there has to be some luck involved as well. Roy is one of the best pitchers in the league. If anyone would have a chance to go undefeated against a particular team, it would be him.”
 Brad Ausmus - “When you have a record like that, it's got to be some luck. But he's also one of the best pitchers in the league and certainly that's a big part of it.”
 Brad Ausmus - “There also has to be some luck involved when you have a record like that against some team.”
 Brad Ausmus - “He was the one guy that anyone could and would come to if they had a question. And also the one guy that if he said something in front of a group everyone would listen. I think he'll be around a little bit. I don't think he's going to be a ghost.”

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