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 Kurt Faust - “They probably have the best set of wide receivers in the league. They've been in every game that they've played, and they've lost some close games in the fourth quarter.”
 Ron Faust - “It's never too late. The sooner the better though.”
 Ron Faust - “It's certainly nice knowing we can put C.J. out there and we'll get a strong defensive effort from him every time.”
 Bruce Aust - “A growing percentage of trading closed-end funds is occurring electronically and away from the exchange floor. NASDAQ is well designed to trade closed-end funds. NASDAQ's electronic trading is efficient, translating into excellent retail investor access. And NASDAQ Market Makers are well qualified to address the nuances of trading closed-end funds.”
 Ron Faust - “Wash High has a rich playoff tradition, but this is a first for this team. These guys are not very playoff experienced.”
 Shawn Faust - “It is a priceless experience playing against them and seeing the world as well.”
 Ron Faust - “That's a significant change from 20 years ago or longer.”
 Ron Faust - “This is what we have to build the program on. When (Kelly) gets into foul trouble like he did (Wednesday), he tends to play less aggressive and we need to clean that up. But he's in for some great years.”
 Alexis Faust - “People will have a say in what the design will look like.”
 Bruce Aust - “We're thrilled. To have Charles Schwab take the bold step of being one of our original dual-listed companies and to evaluate both markets on their merits and choose to list solely on Nasdaq is a major validation of the Nasdaq market model.”
 Kurt Faust - “The opponent we're playing this week is the one in the mirror. We need to focus on ourselves and get better.”
 Ron Faust - “I certainly have no problems with the way (Baker) played defense. He had a hand in there on every shot. But there's not much you can do with a guy who can make them from 23 and 24 feet.”
 Kurt Faust - “We want to finish the last third of the season in a positive way. This is a game (against Arthur Hill) where you don't want to make a mistake. You don't want turnovers, and you don't want to give up a big play.”
 Kurt Faust - “I love going to Central Michigan University football games. But I'm not going to be able to go on a Thursday or Friday night. I don't know how many other people are going to be able to say that as well.”
 Kurt Faust - “This is a fun time of the year. We've got a couple of big games coming up against the Bay City schools. These are the games that you live to play for.”
 Kurt Faust - “It makes for a long week. This loss will weigh heavy on our hearts all week. I know our kids will be anxious to play another game.”
 Shawn Faust - “We had the opportunity to play on an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf, definitely a great experience there. You get to go out every night and play against one of the best teams in the world and you get to travel and see the world doing it. It's a hard gig to beat.”
 Shawn Faust - “It just depends on the games and how they're playing or how we're playing. Some games are closer than others. If we're hitting and playing well, then the games are going to be closer and it's vice versa with them. They're a lot bigger, but we definitely have a fun time. It's hard because we play seven days a week. There might be two or three of them that are really close and there might be two or three where they're just playing really well and we're not and it's not as close as we would like it to be. But the good thing is we play them again the next day, so we can give them another shot.”
 Kurt Faust - “You talk about the drama of overtime, but this victory really occurred in the locker room at halftime. We had not been behind (at halftime) since Mount Pleasant (in week two). After the Mount Pleasant game, the kids grew up quite a bit. Tonight was indicative of lessons learned.”
 Kurt Faust - “We didn't have any timeouts, and I wanted to get Luke's (Briggs's) confidence back up and take the points and get into halftime. At that point, I really didn't feel that we had the momentum to score (a touchdown).”
 Kurt Faust - “Our concern is making ourselves a better team. We've had some cracks in the wall, and we want to eliminate those cracks.”
 Bruce Aust - “We have done well in China . They think once they are on the Nasdaq, they've arrived.”
 Kurt Faust - “I was really impressed with the kids at halftime and how they were so calm and focused. They knew they were going to come back. They weren't going to let that game get away.”
 Bruce Aust - “One size does not fit all in any regulation. When it is clear that the smaller companies are bearing a larger part of the burden, then it really has to be addressed. I don't think that was the intent of the legislation.”
 Shawn Faust - “If you think about it, it's like four years of college basketball. You just have to pace yourself. We come out, play hard, try to win and go at it. But you have to pace yourself too. We work out, run and stay in shape. So that definitely helps us along physically and mentally. It's just as much mental as it is physical out here.”

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