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 Terry Austin - “Some of our freshmen are starting to come around and that's very encouraging. You know, some people may look at these losses now and think it's a down year of whatever, but I look at it as what we're doing now is definitely going to be a good building block for the future. We're starting to drop our score two or three strokes every match. If we can keep doing that, we're going to be all right.”
 Danielle Austin - “I think we laugh a little too much before games when we are warming up. We just need to focus on what we are doing.”
 Tracy Austin - “I saw Serena in Toronto, and she was not fit at all. She was not striking the ball well at all and struggled against a girl who was ranked 92nd in the world.”
 Steve Austin - “We finally got one of those we've seen a lot of (last-second shots) go against us. I'd like to say we work on that shot, but that's not true. But it did give us momentum.”
 Miles Austin - “If I get drafted, it would really be great for the Monmouth program in terms of getting the name out there. They've been so good to me, it would be nice to give something back to them.”
 Anne Austin - “They're getting a little out of hand, a little ridiculous. I still like a couple of them, but it gets old after a while.”
 Anne Austin - “They're getting a little out of hand, a little ridiculous. I still like a couple of them, but it gets old.”
 Bill Austin - “Yeah, ... It's a beautiful crazy cleaned-up hand and it's not mine.”
 Jerry Austin - “I might slip every once in a while, but you will not see me dog-cussing a player out. I'm cautious. I barely even talk to the kids after the game. It's tough, and I hate to see what happened to (Dustin) because he's so young.”
 Terry Austin - “We regret and hate to lose an industry of that caliber.”
 Anne Austin - “How can a heart suffer your deepest thoughts and yet only speak the unmoving, inconsequential utterances of abject silence”
 Matt Austin - “I never imagined I'd win this much money in one year. All this hasn't soaked in yet. I hope to do as good as this next year. I'm going to go out, try my hardest and keep that same mind frame.”
 John Austin - “It's now a phasing issue. They're doing the parking lot and once they get that out of the way, they will start the foundation and the footing for the new hospital.”
 Michael Austin - “The idea is to keep the players playing harder for longer, ... So many careers have ended because of knee and leg injuries, we want to keep that from happening.”
 Chris Austin - “This is primarily because it is illegal for a lot of the student population. A lot of students are also practicing high-risk drinking.”
 Mary Austin - “I think it went very well. We can always find things to improve, that's why we do drills.”
 John Austin - “With the MCP4011, MCP4012, MCP4013, and MCP4014 digital potentiometers, Microchip continues to provide industry-leading, low-power analog products. These devices deliver the small package size and low power consumption that designers need for their applications, at a great value.”
 George Austin - “Our purpose is to offer information to those who want it.”
 David Austin - “Who knows whether they felt bad or they just wanted to get rid of it, because somebody, somewhere would have information as to who took it and where it's been.”
 Mike Austin - “That's the thing we are happy about. The kids have really been stepping up since we lost some guys to injury. That's a real testament to their character.”
 Tom Austin - “A lot of vendors are just using the Internet standard SMTP as opposed to MAPI.”
 Mike Austin - “With the Labor Day weekend, it's been pretty good. We've had approximately 150 or so customers during the five-hour period.”
 Alfred Austin - “Tears are the summer showers to the soul.”
 Mary Austin - “People would be surprised to know how much I learned about prayer from playing poker.”
 Mary Austin - “I suppose no man becomes a pocket hunter by first intention.”

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