My Favorite Quotes
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 Craig Austrie - “Just coming from playing in a hostile atmosphere, we knew Louisville was going to be tough. It really helped us a lot. We learned from the Syracuse game that we have to be poised at all times. We didn't want to be down but it just helped us tremendously, that Syracuse game.”
 Craig Austrie - “I'm happy coach Calhoun is beginning to trust me. I just want to keep it that way. I don't want to take a step back. My confidence is through the roof. Confidence is what you have to have at this level.”
 Craig Austrie - “It's really up to me. I just have to be more aggressive and take advantage of this opportunity.”
 Craig Austrie - “If I step my scoring up it will help the team a lot more and we'll get a lot more ball handling and we'll be a much quicker team. I've always played kind of safe. He wants me to take more chances. I know you get taken out but you always get put right back in once you make an aggressive move even though it's a mistake. I just have to make an adjustment.”
 Craig Austrie - “Guys were in the right spot, my job is to hit them and find them in the right spot. It's easy to play with guys when they put the ball in the basket.”
 Craig Austrie - “He's been a big help to me so far. I just want to make sure to take what he tells me and bring it out on the court.”
 Craig Austrie - “I can't wait for that first day of practice when everybody steps on that court and we all start on that goal of getting to the Final Four.”
 Craig Austrie - “Guys were in the right spots all night. It was easy for me to find them. And they were making shots. I feel I've become quicker and stronger -- mentally and physically -- to deal with the college basketball game.”
 Craig Austrie - “When it comes to basketball, I've never been nervous in my life. Why start now”