My Favorite Quotes
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 Erik Autor - “This huge middle class has a lot of disposable income. It's also hungry for Western-branded goods. Wal-Mart early on found this fact to be very profitable.”
 Erik Autor - “As you get closer to the election, the likelihood that Congress is going to be able to pass legislation, particularly on what might be viewed as partisan or difficult issues, diminishes.”
 Erik Autor - “Larger U.S. retailers have recognized for a number of years that the domestic market is mature. In order to grow sales, they have to look outside of the U.S.. China, however, is a big emerging opportunity.”
 Erik Autor - “China is expected to eliminate some key restrictions by January of 2005. Earlier, companies with a market cap of under 2 billion could operate in China only with a local joint-venture partner. This will no longer be valid.”
 Erik Autor - “We have absolutely no evidence that shows that the China safeguards have had any beneficial impact on the U.S. textile industry in terms of increasing orders and production.”
 Erik Autor - “We have more cargo coming in than last year, largely because of the end of textile and apparel quotas, but it's flowing much more smoothly from the ships to the stores than we saw in 2004,”