My Favorite Quotes
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 Dusty Auxier - “Twenty-seven points is a lot to give up in a half, not to mention in one quarter.”
 Dusty Auxier - “Every year the kids learn something and I learn something. I know where we need to put the focus next year and I know the kids will work hard to get us where we want to be.”
 Dusty Auxier - “We thought we would be a playoff team when the season began. We had 17 games decided by less than 10 points and suffered nine league losses by five (points) or less. We could never get over the hump.”
 Dusty Auxier - “Thurston has some great shooters, but our defense just got in their face and shut them down.”
 Dusty Auxier - “We have had problems playing teams that don't have good records. This is the first time this year we have led wire to wire. One of our goals was to run and if we didn't have anything, to set it up in the half court.”
 Dusty Auxier - “We played well for the most part. We had a couple of lapses that ultimately cost us.”
 Dusty Auxier - “I worry about this game more than I do against some of the better teams. We have a tendency to play to the level of our competition.”
 Dusty Auxier - “It's not disappointing to lose we have lost before, but to lose with little or no effort is upsetting. When you don't listen to what's being told it becomes rather frustrating. Like I told the guys, I will tell you what I want you to do and when it doesn't work, I'll take the blame but if you don't do what you are asked nothing can work. We had four guys doing one thing and one guy doing something else. It was one of our worst outings of the year.”
 Dusty Auxier - “We talked about coming out and playing 32 minutes of solid basketball and I think we played 27 or 28 minutes very well.”