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 Elliott Avent - “Jeff Stallings was one of the top pitchers in the conference. We lost him towards the end of last year and that really hurt us. Joey Devine was one of the top pitchers ever in this conference, which he proved by what he did after he left here, making the big leagues in two months. Phil Davidson who was so versatile and played so many roles for us. He started, he came in in the sixth inning, came in the third, spot-started. He even closed some games. Phil was amazing for us. When a guy can do that many things for you, you're not just missing one pitcher it's like you're missing three.”
 Elliott Avent - “You have to feel good about that offense.”
 Elliott Avent - “I heard him yell at All-America first baseman Aaron Bates the other day. Not many people yell at Aaron Bates . That's when I knew Caleb Mangum had arrived.”
 Elliott Avent - “We've got high expectations this year. We like to think we're going to play for a national championship, but if we're going to play for a national championship, we've got to play better than this.”
 Elliott Avent - “I thought the biggest thing of the game tonight for our guys, and I give them a lot of credit, was after Virginia got the two runs off Andrew. Knowing how tough Doolittle is - he one of the toughest pitchers in this league - to bounce right back out there and get two runs, that to me was a big point in this game.”
 Elliott Avent - “That guy, if he's not the first pick in the country, I'd be awfully surprised.”
 Elliott Avent - “Unbelievable. He was great. It was the best I've seen him -- I've had Gibby for three years, and he's had some great performances, including a no-hitter against Maryland, but today was the best performance I've seen him have -- total control, total command. ... He was outstanding.”
 Elliott Avent - “Miami has been a great program for so many years. It's a club we're very familiar with.”
 Elliott Avent - “We faced one of the best pitchers in the country today, a tremendous competitor and a class act, and he was magnificent. It was a great college baseball game. We made it interesting in the ninth, but we were just too far in the hole at that point.”