My Favorite Quotes
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 Robert Aventajado - “We are hoping and praying that her health is still strong, that she can still take this ordeal which, unfortunately, she needs to go through.”
 Robert Aventajado - “(Estrada) gave the green light, so we will return (Tuesday) and hopefully by Wednesday the actual negotiation would start.”
 Robert Aventajado - “If they insist on their original demand, that would be a deal-breaker.”
 Robert Aventajado - “We've received enough assurance from the military that this will not happen again.”
 Robert Aventajado - “That may have sent the wrong signal. We have asked the military to go somewhere else while we are doing the negotiations.”
 Robert Aventajado - “We want them to make collective decisions. Otherwise, how can we hold negotiations at all ... Without them putting their demands in writing, we'll just be confused.”
 Robert Aventajado - “It goes without saying that their lives are exposed to extreme danger, so we need to rescue them from that area so they can go back to their loved ones.”
 Robert Aventajado - “We want to clarify their position. We will look for common ground.”
 Robert Aventajado - “I told Lee Peng Wee, the important thing is to free the hostages. I don't care who was responsible for their release, what is important is that we end this problem as soon as possible.”
 Robert Aventajado - “I'm saddened by the fact that there are these kind of athletes that competed in the SEA Games, but at the same time I'm glad the Vietnamese officials were able to discover and bring this matter to the attention of the police.”
 Robert Aventajado - “Until we have determined that there is no connection, I will proceed and assume they are not related. I want to be focused on saving the lives of the 21 hostages.”
 Robert Aventajado - “I think we are within striking distance of forging an agreement with the hostage takers.”