My Favorite Quotes
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 Ron Averill - “When we started the 125-pound weight class, I think we were down 24 points and Turner still had five wrestlers. The key wins were the ones when we were head-to-head with Turner. When you look at the end of the day, all the matches throughout the day worked into the final outcome. I take that, and I appreciate that, but the way the team played for the championship was really good.”
 Brian Averill - “We surrounded ourselves with some really experienced professionals who helped us along. The development team had some really great knowledge and insight.”
 Ron Averill - “I'm hoping they can stay focused and relax at the same time. The sad thing would be to go down there and have all kinds of success and not have any fun with it. I want this to be something the kids can remember and tell their grandkids about.”
 Jennifer Averill - “Kim is a great all-around athlete and a very versatile player. She will see playing time on the front line. She is quick and agile, which contributes to her finesse as a player.”
 Ron Averill - “We have to be excited about the opportunities we have tomorrow. We have a lot of guys who are looking at winning matches on the back side and that's really what is going to determine the team championship. It's on the shoulders of the guys on the back side.”
 Jennifer Averill - “I've had the chance to watch Hilary develop for the past six or seven years and I am proud to have her as a part of this program. She has great hands and I think the combination of hockey and soccer helped with her development of the game. She has off the ball awareness and is a very finesse player. She will look to come in and play for us in the midfield and up front.”
 Jennifer Averill - “Melissa is a very versatile player. She has a great game sense and a great defensive presence on the field. She has proven she can play back and midfield and is ready for this level. One of the best things about Melissa is that she really enjoys to compete. She has a tremendous amount of passion for the game and I believe she will make a significant contribution as a freshman.”
 Brian Averill - “There was a good contrast.”
 Ron Averill - “I knew the guys were looking forward to this. I was encouraged by the way they stepped up. We just took care of business.”
 Ron Averill - “The result as a team is going to come off the individual performances. Over the years I've seen a lot of guys not perform to their potential because they let the nerves get to the them. The challenge for us is to have that balance of being excited about our opportunities and not take anything for granted.”
 Ron Averill - “A lot of times it comes down to desire and attitude. Unfortunately he got an opportunity to show there at the end of the match. You've got to give Kyle a lot of credit for holding those points off because there's not many guys who would have been able to hold that off the way he did.”
 Ron Averill - “That first round is huge. You've got to come out focused and going straight ahead. If we can stay focused we could come through that first round with 10 wins.”
 Ron Averill - “They've been working a long and hard season to make sure that we had that ability to be where we were at. When it comes down to that day, you just have to step up and make it happen.”
 Jennifer Averill - “This group is rich in talent and personality. They embody the spirit of Wake Forest field hockey and I look forward to their contributions as student-athletes. I have faith in their ability to keep up the strong tradition of Wake Forest hockey.”