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 Kyle Avery - “Going into the match I didn't know he was so good at throwing.”
 Brian Avery - “This will help. But one good year doesn't pull you out of a drought.”
 Sean Avery - “Without the support of my mom, Marlene, I would not be the person I am Saturday. She has been my main supporter throughout my career and I owe everything to her. This is a small way that we, as players, can pay tribute to her and other hockey moms, and it is all for a good cause.”
 Miles Avery - “It's always nice to get a win against a top-team like Illinois. There were some good performances tonight. However, I did see areas we need to improve on.”
 Chere Avery - “We didn't get enough information from the investigating agency to proceed with the case. We didn't have good enough information to go before a jury and prove guilt.”
 James Avery - “Growth will continue. To what degree, we don't know until it's here.”
 Miles Avery - “We expect that they are going to improve. Listening to them they weren't at full strength and by then they hope to be. But I'm sure we'll train well and we don't want to lose at St. John.”
 Miles Avery - “We battled back. To see them come back from the hole they were in is promising. I hope this is a testament to the character of the team and carries through to the end of the season. I am proud of their response and I think it comes from the captains' leadership.”
 James Avery - “Duncan will be touching down in Cape Town, and getting straight back on the next available flight. He will definitely be back in India for the next one-day international.”
 Chere Avery - “It is under review. Past that, we're unable to share any other information.”
 Chris Avery - “A prolonged lack of catering would start to eat into premium. More important is the booking intentions of their best-paying passengers which is the premium cabins.”
 Chris Avery - “But we are reaching the limits. These markets are at the very margin of aviation. (Most) airlines still fly in the eight to 12-hour sector. This is still where the biggest volume (in traffic) is.”
 Milton Avery - “The idea is in my head to put it down is nothing.”
 Milton Avery - “Why talk when you can paint”
 Miles Avery - “The guys absolutely did an amazing job tonight. I thought all our performers did their job and represented Ohio State well.”
 Chere Avery - “The jury thought he was guilty based on the evidence.”
 Miles Avery - “This is the time in our season when we shut down and continue to practice through meets. We anticipate a drop in the national rankings, but we are focusing on the Big Ten and NCAA tournaments.”
 Chris Avery - “Time is not infinite and the European Commission has banned further state aid.”
 Chris Avery - “It is something he will have to take constant soundings of and at the same time try and extract some productivity benefits from the Heathrow workforce.”
 Chris Avery - “He's got the formula right. He's entering the market at the right time in terms of European liberalization and during a strong economy and he's entering with the right concept.”
 Derek Avery - “We didn't do a very good job at defending tonight. A few times, our corners got sealed inside and we got burned on it.”
 Chris Avery - “My freshman year they came to our homecoming game and beat us 54-35. And after that it turned into a red letter game for me. A lot of the young guys don't know the rivalry going into today, but they got to see it today.”
 Miles Avery - “Overall I'm proud of the guys that represented Ohio State well. Hopefully tomorrow we come home with some All-Americans.”
 Tom Avery - “Sedna, the Inuit goddess of the sea, is smirking. That's what polar travel is all about.”
 Tom Avery - “Suddenly, about two miles from the pole, we started to come across open water. One of the sledges ended up getting dunked in water, and some of the dogs as well.”

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