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 Al Avila - “He knows the strike zone, makes a lot of contact and doesn't swing at bad pitches. He has a lot of good things going for him.”
 Al Avila - “What the final product is going to be, I can't tell you. I can tell you he's hitting the ball well. His career with us has been pretty good. His bat is going to take him wherever he wants to go.”
 Lixion Avila - “I hope there will be no more surprises.”
 Juan Avila - “Thank you to all the people who helped us get this house.”
 Nicolas Davila - “The genuine coherence of our ideas does not come from the reasoning that ties them together, but from the spiritual impulse that gives rise to them.”
 Don Avila - “If you kill bacteria down to three feet you're not going to have any problems.”
 Juan Avila - “We are so close to Mexico, your Spanish needs to be great, better than great. It has to be perfect. You have to have excellent knowledge of the game and knowledge of the language. If not, the people will let you know.”
 Lixion Avila - “We don't think it's going to affect land.”
 St. Teresa of Avila - “We can only learn to know ourselves and do what we can -- namely, surrender our will and fulfill God's will in us.”
 St. Teresa of Avila - “It is here, my daughters, that love is to be found -- not hidden away in corners but in the midst of occasions of sin. And believe me, although we may more often fail and commit small lapses, our gain will be incomparably the greater.”
 Joey Avila - “A lot of teams out there have these great records, but who did they play We played those teams with the thought that it would prepare us for the playoffs.”
 Lixion Avila - “We always thought it could be a dangerous hurricane, ... is the typical track for October.”
 St. Teresa of Avila - “Learn to self-conquest, persevere thus for a time, and you will perceive very clearly the advantage which you gain from it. As soon you apply yourself to orison, you will at once feel your senses gather themselves together they seem like bees which return to the hive and there shut themselves up to work at the making of honey. At the first call of the will, they come back more and more quickly. At last, after countless exercises, of this kind, God disposes them to a state of utter rest and of perfect contemplation.”
 Nicolas Davila - “The Biblical prophet doesn't predict the future, but bears witness to the presense of God in history.”
 Lixion Avila - “I hope we're wrong and (Zeta) will die sooner.”
 Luis Avila - “It was beautiful here, and the people were so nice. Even the food was more like home, with the rice and the sushi.”
 Juan Avila - “In addition to extensive familiarity with complex coverage issues, I speak fluent Spanish, often an advantage in finding out what really happened. We are looking forward to handling an increasing number of claims out of the Long Beach office, particularly cargo and trucking liability claims.”
 Lixion Avila - “First of all, I could not believe it, ... Nobody in their right mind would have expected this drop in pressure.”
 Lixion Avila - “Let's put it this way, ... I wish it could have happened in the middle of the ocean.”
 Nicolas Davila - “In an age in which the media broadcast countless pieces of foolishness, the educated man is defined not by what he knows, but by what he doesn't know.”
 Daphne Avila - “The restrictions are a big factor. We work with marketing researchers and suppliers who are in tune with these things to make sure we have an adequate supply of those goods.”
 Al Avila - “You do the best you can to make the transition as easy as possible. It doesn't guarantee that a kid is going to make it, but it gives you a better shot if you help him along.”
 Al Avila - “His development has come along real well. He's made good strides defensively. His hitting, though, is what really has impressed us. It's good enough to where we feel he'll go to Triple-A and play a big role there.”
 Lixion Avila - “They kept telling me you have to have patience, ... Systems in the Caribbean in October take a long time to develop.”
 Nicolas Davila - “Modern man does not love, but seeks refuge in love does not hope, but seeks refuge in hope does not believe but seeks refuge in dogma.”

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