My Favorite Quotes
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 Mike Aviles - “We have so much talent here, it was definitely one of our goals to get to the state playoffs and this win gets us there.”
 Mike Aviles - “He gave me a stack of batting gloves. He said, 'Mike, if you need anything, you let me know.' I would see him other times, and he would tell me he heard I was playing well. He was always real cool. It's a shame he got a bad rap.”
 Norma Aviles - “Wake up. See what's happening. Today it's me, tomorrow it could be you standing here. It's a place you don't want to stand.”
 Mike Aviles - “I finished my workout, but stayed to watch the game. I sat near him. He looked over and asked me if I was from New York, because of the way I laced my sneakers. So we got talking.”
 Alejandro Aviles - “The people who are participating in this boycott are simply letting everybody know that we have an impact. The people organizing this want to make sure the message is positive.”
 Alejandro Aviles - “I asked the students to wear white and carry American flags at school. We can display flags of the countries where we came from during International Day. We need to show our support and love for the U.S. on Monday.”
 Norma Aviles - “I come just to make sure we don't count the soldiers as numbers. They are somebody's brothers, daughters, parents, whose lives are going to be changed forever.”
 Alejandro Aviles - “The current immigration system lacks the fundamental understanding of the need for immigrants in this country.”
 Alejandro Aviles - “I welcome their demonstration. I support the First Amendment to the constitution. Everyone in this country has the right to assembly and freedom of speech.”
 Norma Aviles - “The thing about this memorial is that it's in the center of the community where his friends are.”
 Alejandro Aviles - “We are for a comprehensive solution to the immigration process. There was talk of a lot of little things on Monday. We decided to have a larger one which we hope will catch the attention of elected officials, especially the state and federal officials.”