My Favorite Quotes
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 Diana Aviv - “With government funding being cut back, charities are being hard-pressed to turn away money that's legal. We don't get into why people give money.”
 Diana Aviv - “Our past research shows that adults are twice as likely to volunteer if they began participating when they were teens.”
 Diana Aviv - “In the First Amendment, people have the right to petition the government. That is a constitutional right and we take that obligation very seriously.”
 Diana Aviv - “It's extremely important for charitable organizations to make sure lawmakers have all the facts before them.”
 Diana Aviv - “It is a challenge to place a dollar value on the important work volunteers do for millions of charitable organizations and communities across the country. But this number can help put into perspective the enormous contributions provided by our nation's volunteers.”
 Oren Aviv - “This online destination will provide great content and frequent updates about the film.”
 Diana Aviv - “With the proper revisions, this bill will support the important work that charitable organizations do in every community in our country. It will also advance ethical conduct within the charitable community.”
 Diana Aviv - “These recommendations are another part of the charitable sectors commitment to come together and ensure that its organizations meet the highest possible ethical standards. The Panel will continue to work with the sector and government officials to encourage implementation of its comprehensive proposals.”
 Diana Aviv - “It's an opportunity for citizens who care about issues to communicate with lawmakers about what's happening in their communities. Without that input, lawmakers might not be able to make informed decisions.”
 Oren Aviv - “It's got a lot of promotional and marketing firepower. We're trying to appeal to a broad audience.”
 Oren Aviv - “It starts with a great movie, which provides us with tremendous materials to show the public in terms of the advertising. Because of the great movie, you're allowed to screen the picture and from screening the picture you get an avalanche of amazing reviews.”