My Favorite Quotes
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 Doug Avrit - “A lot of athletes stepped up today. I think every point is going to be important this week.”
 Doug Avrit - “We've been working on getting Jessica more speed to the bar, and today everything came together for her. It was truly a unique thing to see, and I'm so proud of her. It was like watching a real-life high jumper, not a student or a person just trying to score points.”
 Doug Avrit - “I just tried to talk to her and get her to settle down after that first big jump, because she was jumping all over the place in celebration afterwards. It's like hitting a home run in baseball. The next time at bat, you swing so hard you can't even see the ball. I wanted her to stay focused.”
 Doug Avrit - “There was some very good competition there from all over Sacramento, and Randall did a good job. The kid ahead of him was one of best throwers in his area.”