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 Jim Awad - “There's a high degree of confidence the Fed is going to conduct itself in a non-surprising fashion tomorrow.”
 Jim Awad - “There's a high degree of confidence the Fed is going to conduct itself in a non-surprising fashion tomorrow. The greater uncertainty with the Fed will occur next year, so I think (investors) are going to take tomorrow in stride unless the Fed surprises us.”
 Nihad Awad - “Today's meeting, while not resolving all underlying issues of concern, offered an opportunity to improve lines of communication and to increase mutual cooperation on issues related to national security and the prevention of hate crimes.”
 James Awad - “You clearly have to keep watching this inflation issue. You do have to have some concern that, based on history, the current amount of economic growth should lead to inflation. But if you talk to companies, it's not happening.”
 James Awad - “The stock is at 24 a share now, down from 50, ... The company is extremely well positioned, the stock could go up 10 points if there is evidence that the economy turns in third quarter.”
 James Awad - “The vulnerability is in individual stocks rather than in the market, ... Any company that misses its earnings is going to get brutally punished. The market has very low tolerance for companies that miss their earnings, and it goes back to the fact that everybody's paid on performance and it's difficult for people to have a long-term view.”
 James Awad - “While there is an economic impact, they are able to grow the company reasonably, ... I would say 10 percent in terms of cash earnings this year, but most other companies in that field have been acquired.”
 James Awad - “This is a low-cost way to play the eventual turnaround in technology, ... They're a very strong distributor of hardware and software products and it's gaining market share on its competitors. The stock is 25 on 2.35 of earnings and you're not taking product risk -- you're 11 times earnings on Tech Data for the company that's got a 20 percent long-term growth rate.”
 Jim Awad - “The market is caught between good quarterly reports, such as the one from Disney, and the reality of company guidance for future earnings that is far from stellar.”
 James Awad - “But throw in a very visible company lowering its guidance going forward and the focus shifts back to the same problems of an uncertain economy, uncertain earnings and the Middle East problem, which has not changed,”
 James Awad - “He said the company has several lives. As it exists today, it's selling at 8. It will earn 60 cents a share over the next 12 months, ... The company has no debt, tremendous excess cash flow, no research coverage, and it's a great database company.”
 Nihad Awad - “We offer the American Muslim communitys sincere condolences to the family and loved ones of Tom Fox, and call for the immediate and unconditional release of all hostages in Iraq.”
 Nihad Awad - “We're taking a serious step on behalf of our community, and we are hopeful that our words will be heard and our appeal will be listened to.”
 Nihad Awad - “I was moved by these scenes to show the injustices that befall our communities, when the government decides to crack down on the whole community in New York.”
 Nihad Awad - “We are quite relieved. It has been a test of free speech, and we hope the government will now get off the backs of our Muslim community.”
 Suleiman Awad - “The president's words reflected his great concern over the deterioration of the situation and his commitment to the unity of Iraq.”
 Hadi Jawad - “People should be voting him out of office. He's bad for our air, bad for our children, bad for our country. He's ascending in the Republican Party as a power broker.”
 James Awad - “North Fork Bancorp stock is selling at about 20. We think its fair value would be about 30. But meanwhile, you're getting a 3 percent dividend yield and it's selling at 10 times earnings. Demographically, it's a very attractive area. So, your risk in buying North Fork is that you're a little bit early and the market doesn't care about value stocks for a while. And of course, in a period of rising rates, financial stocks don't do particularly well. But, ... if you buy it and put it away, you'll end up making 50 percent from current levels over a 12 to 18 month period.”
 James Awad - “They got pounded, ... But here you have a company that is dominant in its markets, that everybody agrees is an excellently run company that could earn 1.75 (per share) next year, so it's selling at about 11-times earnings. And it's an acquisition candidate down the road. So you see the theme here is growing earnings, low valuation.”
 James Awad - “It's just a great stock to own here, ... The company is growing in excess of 20 percent. The demographics are great for education. The company is selling at about 15 times what we think they can earn next year. It's also one of the few independent publishers left and so we think it's a strategic acquisition candidate, probably worth over 60 a share, and the stock's at about 45.”
 James Awad - “The company has already talked about selling its credit card business. If that happens, it could give a real pop to the stock,”
 Nihad Awad - “The kidnapping of Jill Carroll does not benefit the kidnappers. If she is released she will continue to talk about Iraqi issues and, as people have noted, she has been friendly and respectful of the Iraqi people, not an enemy.”
 James Awad - “This doesn't mean you have to pour everything into beverages and foods. You can still find quality companies that also benefit from an improving economy.”
 Jim Awad - “Everybody was waiting for the Bank of Japan's decision, and since they decided to postpone raising interest rates, that is taking the pressure off U.S. Treasuries and giving a lift to stocks.”
 James Awad - “On balance, the earnings period so far has been very reasonable, even better than expected.”

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