My Favorite Quotes
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 Graham Dawe - “Scott's making a good recovery, but the Bedford game may come a little too soon.”
 Graham Dawe - “He had a bad deal. With his neck injury then his eye socket and then his back, but he's now fully fit. And this is as good as week as any for this game.”
 John Hawe - “Cara did a good job. She had her locations down, both with her drop balls and her rises.”
 Graham Dawe - “Last week was quite a hard introduction for him, but I thought he acquitted himself reasonably well. Obviously it will take him a little while to find his way back around around a rugby field, especially in a standard that high. This weekend will be just as tough and there will be a lot of pressure on him.”
 Lawrence Awe - “We know we've got to create time out of no time.”
 Tilly Bagshawe - “I always start with a synopsis, but I have a horrible tendency to stray wildly from that blueprint. With ADORED I had to go back and edit quite heavily, tying up loose ends, which took a long time,”
 Graham Dawe - “We have a few guys who can step into the six role if needed. Brett has had a limited amount of game time, but I'd like to think he could step up to the plate if he is called upon.”
 Graham Dawe - “I knew I was in trouble when I took another blow.”
 John Hawe - “For that young sophomore to come in here against this experienced team and throw like that, I'll tell you I'm proud of her. Here's a youngster that's got some adrenaline going and she can smell victory.”
 Graham Dawe - “Alfie hasn't done any contact training and we might have to wait until Monday before he can do any.”
 Graham Dawe - “He's now been passed fit to play. We wanted to give him a little run out yesterday, but circumstances did not really allow it.”
 Lawrence Awe - “They're just normal everyday kids.”
 Tilly Bagshawe - “I tried to write a more modern, edgier version of the big blockbuster novels I enjoyed reading as a teenager, and a lot of those were family epics with broad, sweeping themes,”
 John Hawe - “We were excited for the field to be finished. It's nice to have it right in the shadow of Helena High. It should make things a lot simpler.”
 John Hawe - “We're still kind of getting our feet wet. I think if our girls play up to our potential we're going to give them a good game.”
 Tilly Bagshawe - “It takes me an hour or so to knock up an article, so if I can't sell it it's no big deal. But with a novel, you're invested, emotionally, materially and in every way, so the stakes are a lot higher. But novels are a lot more fun to write, no doubt about it,”
 Graham Dawe - “Alfie is getting better by the day. He's been training this week and both he and Martin will have fitness tests on Friday before we travel. We remain hopeful on both of them, although Martin's groin is still causing him a bit of concern, so we'll have to wait and see what happens with that.”
 Lawrence Awe - “We have a balance in the house. It's not like 24-7.”
 Catherine M. Fanshawe - “'T was whispered in heaven, 't was mutter'd in hell, And echo caught faintly the sound as it fell On the confines of earth 't was permitted to rest, And the depths of the ocean its presence confess'd.”