My Favorite Quotes
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 Cheryl Max - “That was in no way meant to diminish the honor received by the band. We have to explore the issue from all angles, especially an issue as important as our students going overseas.”
 Michael Lomax - “We cannot abandon these institutions, and we cannot abandon the city of New Orleans.”
 Salam Pax - “It is a question of Internet sophistication,”
 Kylie Bax - “My greatest fear is flying. And I do a lot of flying, so that's a bummer.”
 Kylie Bax - “I'm working on just finding a boyfriend right now.”
 Kylie Bax - “I wish I had more hair on my head. Maybe if I sprinkled fertilizer on it, it would grow.”
 Emanuel Ax - “We seem to have set up some very arcane rules as to when it is actually OK to applaud.”
 Emanuel Ax - “Mozart often wrote to his family that certain variations or sections of pieces were so successful that they had to be encored immediately, even without waiting for the entire piece to end.”
 Emanuel Ax - “I usually only play with very close friends.”
 Emanuel Ax - “Everyone is different. Sometimes it's very exciting sometimes very scary.”
 Emanuel Ax - “Even if you don't like a concert of mine, please, please applaud at the end anyway.”
 Kylie Bax - “I can pull a bone out of my shoulder and dislocate it.”
 Edward Halifax - “Ignorance makes most men go into a political party, and shame keeps them from getting out of it.”
 Edward F. Halifax - “The invisible thing called a Good Name is made up of the breath of numbers that speak well of you.”
 Sandy Koufax - “Pitching is the art of instilling fear.”
 Sandy Koufax - “A guy that throws what he intends to throw, that's the definition of a good pitcher.”
 Sandy Koufax - “Show me a guy who can't pitch inside and I'll show you a loser.”
 Danielle Dax - “It's almost like, it's often the bad recording quality of things which makes them interesting.”
 Danielle Dax - “I think cat's are fantastic.”
 Danielle Dax - “I find it hard to imagine how someone listens to my stuff, or views what I do, or me, or anything.”
 Danielle Dax - “I don't really feel part of any particular movement.”
 Edward Halifax - “He who leaves nothing to chance will do few things poorly, but he will do few things.”
 Alan Lomax - “The British ballads became a new kind of form in their hand. And out of them came the blues, a new kind of song of commentary and satire, a song form which, after all, has become the main musical form of the whole human species.”
 Alan Lomax - “You could hear him, literally, half a mile away when he opened up. He was at his peak then. He was, naturally, dying to get out of the place he was in, and he recorded for us his appeal for pardon to the governor.”
 Alan Lomax - “And the thing that I always tried to do with important singers when I met them was to sit down and record everything they knew, give them a first real run-through of their art.”

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