My Favorite Quotes
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 Lloyd Axworthy - “We have called in the Malaysian High Commissioner today to register our consternation directly with governmental authorities over Mr. Anwar's trial and sentencing,”
 Lloyd Axworthy - “We should be applying that in a much tougher sense of holding accountable what the fiduciary trusts for these campaigns are. And if they are being used to contravene what is a fundamental Canadian policy, then the question for using charities for that should be questioned.”
 Lloyd Axworthy - “It's almost a death wish in a way. What (the Tories) should be doing is trying to attract the best and the brightest to Ottawa.”
 Lloyd Axworthy - “It does provide for those within the Serbian regime who are interested in protecting the rule of law in their own country that Milosevic is not the person who can do that,”
 Lloyd Axworthy - “He has to be able to provide some leadership in his own country on this issue,”
 Lloyd Axworthy - “The presidential vote in Peru is a matter of deep concern to us all, ... Left unexamined, it will certainly diminish the credibility of this organization.”
 Lloyd Axworthy - “For some time now, the (Democratic People's Republic of Korea) has been reaching out to the international community, and attempting to increase the number of countries with which it has foreign relations,”
 Lloyd Axworthy - “There's a lot of celebration to this thing,”
 Lloyd Axworthy - “Canada welcomes this initiative, and intends to assist the DPRK to integrate itself into international affairs,”
 Lloyd Axworthy - “Canada is abandoning its 40- to 50-year traditional diplomatic approach in how to deal with the dangers of nuclear weapons.”
 Lloyd Axworthy - “I urge both police and demonstrators to remain calm and use restraint over the coming days,”