My Favorite Quotes
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 Anna Ayala - “But he got away. He's a hero. He should be back here with us, too.”
 Anna Ayala - “Everybody out there. Learn from this.”
 Anna Ayala - “Let this be an example. Everybody out there, all those young people, learn from this.”
 Orlando Ayala - “Microsoft has an unparalleled wave of innovation coming this year that will create immense opportunity for our partners. We are very focused on working together with our partners to build their businesses and to increase their profitability, so the Partner Summit gives us the perfect platform to discuss our partner programs and strategies for vertical sectors and to give partners a taste of the upcoming products.”
 Orlando Ayala - “Ayala did not have an estimate on how much Microsoft is investing on specific engineering for midsize firms, however. We have people doing it full-time, ... I don't have any number to quote.”
 Orlando Ayala - “We have people doing it full-time. I don't have any number to quote.”
 Luis Ayala - “I can't make a decision right now. I'm going to wait until next Monday. I want to know how I feel tomorrow. I don't feel any pain or anything.”
 Luis Ayala - “This is my country. I played for Mexico in different tournaments. I even went to Fort Lauderdale, Fla., in 1986. I feel great. I want to play for my team in any situation.”
 Luis Ayala - “The depth of our team this year has been the key, especially with the injuries we've had. We've got the numbers and that's been a key to our success. We have a lot of chemistry on this team and a lot of experienced young guys who are waiting for their chances to step up and contribute.”