My Favorite Quotes
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 Daniel Ayalon - “I cannot go into operational details, but I can tell you that we are going only after terrorists and terrorist centers, and their infrastructure. We are not going there against the Palestinian people. We are there just to uproot terror.”
 Daniel Ayalon - “This would be a strong political message from the United States ... for what we are doing. Israel is a cornerstone for stability in the Middle East.”
 Ami Ayalon - “To pull out of Gaza is not a policy, it is a step. Whether it is a step in the right direction toward a two-state solution or at least a step toward hope, we don't know.”
 Daniel Ayalon - “Israel is willing to take a risk in order to make progress in the peace process.”
 Ami Ayalon - “We are taking sure, steady steps to a place where the state of Israel will no longer be a democracy and a home for the Jewish people,”
 Daniel Ayalon - “We empathize with them and feel their pain. What we should say to them is thank you for their sacrifice. It's a pain for the country and an individual pain for those people who live there.”
 Daniel Ayalon - “We're an open country with long-standing democratic traditions, and I think the Israelis will pretty much vote on who do they trust on the way to move forward. The legacy of Sharon will live on, irrespective of who succeeds him.”
 Ami Ayalon - “We should fight terror, by all means, but not at the cost of cutting off any chance of talks with the pragmatists.”
 Ami Ayalon - “We have to be capable of facing such a number.”
 Daniel Ayalon - “Israel respects Rev. Robertson and accepts his apology, which reflects his true friendship and support for the state of Israel.”
 Ami Ayalon - “There is now a broad consensus, that Israel will go ahead and build our borders to preserve Israel as a democratic Jewish state.”
 Ami Ayalon - “Americans should not impose a solution, but this administration will finally have to make it clear what its vision for a two-state solution is. Just saying 'a two-state solution' is too ambiguous. The vision has to spell out the details on final status issues such as Palestinian refugees, borders and Jerusalem.”