My Favorite Quotes
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 Kuldip Nayar - “The AGP leadership had failed to address the main issue of tackling the problem of illegal infiltration.”
 Farid Ayar - “We didn't invent these figures. It took us a long time to get them.”
 Fareed Ayar - “The success in this referendum, it isn't how many people are going to say 'yes' and how many people are going to say 'no,' ... The success is that all Iraqis ... found out that the polling station is the way to deal with the political problems in Iraq, to deal with the violence in Iraq.”
 Farid Ayar - “The preparation and the process of guaranteeing Iraqis a vote since January has been difficult, due to security issues. But despite these huge challenges, we achieved our objective and managed to hold the follow up election in December.”
 Farid Ayar - “There is an enthusiasm to vote. Even in the last month we have registered one million more people,”
 Farid Ayar - “What can the insurgents do that's worse There are already car bombs every day.”
 Kuldip Nayar - “This is not at all acceptable. He should quit. He still remains a member of government and this is a wrong message.”
 Farid Ayar - “The number of whose who took part in the ballot should be between 10 and 11 million voters, according to our first estimates.”
 Farid Ayar - “The total number of eligible voters is 15.5 million, ... and we expect the turn-out to reach 11 or 12 million.”
 Farid Ayar - “There is no result, and the figures you see reported in the media are wrong.”
 Fareed Ayar - “We also hope the media will also represent a kind of monitoring over these elections.”
 Kuldip Nayar - “They really do not have any new ideas which might make them popular. The electorate now wants a more moderate force which will focus on the economy. Extremism is seen as hindering that.”
 Kuldip Nayar - “Though local issues will be at the fore, national issues like the overall economy and foreign policy will also be factors.”
 Farid Ayar - “Whatever the results of the referendum are ... it is a civilized step that aims to put Iraq on the path of true democracy.”
 Kuldip Nayar - “The Congress is also in the dock and should face this crisis squarely and with much more transparency.”
 Fareed Ayar - “This is a new birth for Iraq, a free Iraq.”
 Farid Ayar - “It is an achievement of all Iraqis.”
 Fareed Ayar - “This constitution aims at building a modern constitutional state based on the rule of law and free choice for citizens. Whatever the results might be, it was a civilized step whose aim is to put Iraq among the free democratic nations. It was a great achievement for all Iraqis regardless of the results,”
 Farid Ayar - “It is an accomplishment for all Iraqis. It's a civilized step that puts Iraq on the path to democracy, to rebuilding our new Iraq.”