My Favorite Quotes
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 Kathy Aycock - “Some people do not have houses or homes, and they still wanted to give to help people.”
 Douglas Laycock - “The more there is a steady flow of government money, the more likely it is there will be more regulation.”
 Kathy Aycock - “We all need a break these days. So many people and businesses are still displaced because of Katrina so we didn't really want to push the fund-raising side of the event and wanted to present it more as a way to relieve stress. Walking is good for the heart and a great way to relieve stress, which everyone needs these days.”
 Kathy Aycock - “Because of Katrina, everybody's having a lot of stress, so we thought we have to have it.”
 Jimmye Laycock - “Time will tell. Different team. Different makeup. Different setting. Some things you come out of the Marshall game feeling good about. I felt good that we were able to run the football. Defensively, I thought we played the run pretty darn well. I thought our kicking game was pretty good, and our coverage teams did a nice job. That's good, but we didn't take advantage of some situations.”
 Kati Haycock - “It's a sign that something is wrong. It's a reason for people to ask questions whether their state standards are rigorous enough.”
 Kati Haycock - “It's really about where we focused for the last 10 or so years. We have approached education reform kind of like it's immunization.”
 Kati Haycock - “They're trying to get out from under the federal law. That kind of public opposition is often interpreted by local educators as permission not to try.”
 Douglas Laycock - “Religion and morality are playing a greater role than they did 20 years ago.”
 Jimmye Laycock - “It's something different than what we normally see and something difficult to prepare for in one week. You've got to change your focus defensively to cover assignments and put people in the right places.”
 Jimmye Laycock - “I don't know if it matters. It might help the perception some, but it doesn't change the football.”
 Douglas Laycock - “Two decades later, his Court has dramatically shrunk both doctrines.”
 Douglas Laycock - “Religion has been in and out of American politics for nearly our whole history. Right now the conservative religious message is more vocal.”
 Jimmye Laycock - “It sends a message, so far as commitment. You can talk about it and talk about it, but actions speak louder than words. This says we're moving forward.”
 Kati Haycock - “Having to take one brush-up course is not a big deal. But students who have to take two or three end up never completing anything in college, so it's something you want to fix.”
 Kati Haycock - “It used to be that the requirements for college were really quite different than for getting a decent job. But with all the changes in the workplace, that's no longer the case. The core reading, writing and math skills are about the same for both.”
 Kati Haycock - “That we have such problems is clear. The way to better results is less clear.”
 Jimmye Laycock - “We're going to have good quarterback play at some point in time. Everyone else has got to be sure they're taking care of their part.”
 Jimmye Laycock - “I think they do a tremendous job offensively. They take diversified to a whole other level . . . They have so many different ways to attack you and have so many looks, it makes preparing for them very difficult.”
 Jimmye Laycock - “Marshall had an excellent surface. The artificial surfaces now are as good or better than grass.”
 Kati Haycock - “The news in elementary schools is very good. Achievement is up in almost every state.”