My Favorite Quotes
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 Gary Player - “It's a good idea for future Presidents Cups to have a reserve ready to play. The people want to see the match played as scheduled.”
 Thomas Mayer - “With recent house price developments posing a risk to future price and financial stability, we expect the ECB to continue its policy of a very gradual normalization of interest rates.”
 Scott Niedermayer - “It was nice to finally win a game like that. It seems we've been on the short end of a lot of games like that.”
 Scott Niedermayer - “Great or brutal. If we want to get back to winning games, the PK has to do a better job.”
 Mike Mayer - “It didn't start out real well for them as they were freshman members of a junior varsity team which had its season canceled after two games because of poor numbers. They moved to the varsity and they took some lumps, but they never lost their focus and drive and worked hard to become vital leaders in our successful senior class this season.”
 John Mayer - “the trapper keeper is the genisis of OCD for my generation.”
 Scott Niedermayer - “It feels fine. I'm just happy to get back on the ice. We were off in the first period. To give up a two-goal lead like that, it's hard to come back.”
 Scott Niedermayer - “We came out and skated and did what we wanted to do, and it paid off. When we had chances, we put it in the net. There's no recipe for that. It was just one of those nights. Some nights it doesn't work quite as smoothly as this and we don't score quite as many goals.”
 Mark Mayer - “One young lady, she took her kids off the golf course, 'cause they were just bored at best. Good for us they're stuck here.”
 Gary Player - “Sometimes in golf you come up against buzz-saws. There's just nothing you can do.”
 Gary Player - “Golf is such a humbling game.”
 Gary Player - “The big thing the administrators of golf -- the RNA and the USGA -- are falling down in their responsibilities with, is realizing the costs of making these golf courses longer,”
 Gary Player - “If there's a golf course in heaven, it's like this. I'm in no hurry to tee off but I hope I'm the head pro some day.”
 Gary Player - “If it did end up in a tie, it has been phenomenal golf. It could happen. If it did, so be it.”
 Gary Player - “That putt Chris made, I take my hat off to him, ... What a day's golf.”
 Melissa Wittmayer - “We played as a good team, but not as good as a Lady Lobo team.”
 Scott Niedermayer - “If this will put a smile for a minute that will be good. That's tough work they're doing, long days. So we owe them a lot of thanks for the work that they do.”
 Scott Niedermayer - “We felt good coming into the third period just down by one you're still there, you're one shot from tying the game up.”
 John Mayer - “He doesn't think he should be on supervision. He thinks he's too good for it.”
 Gary Thayer - “This suggests the government saw more real growth and less inflation in the quarter.”
 Gary Thayer - “Growth is still at a healthy level.”
 Gary Thayer - “Growth is still at a healthy level. There is no major slowdown.”
 Gary Thayer - “The (February) manufacturing report was a little better than expected, showing continued growth in manufacturing.”
 John Mayer - “So what, so I've got a smile onBut it's hiding the quiet superstitions in my head”
 Richard Bayer - “It is a real increase in head count and percentages, and it has been trending upwards every year since 1999.”

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