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 John Mayer - “If you get half a million, at a certain stage you probably will get 4 million people, if they are able to hear it. The touring thing is unbelievable. It really is amazing from what we did the last tour even to what we are doing now.”
 Gary Player - “I was so brainwashed about how abnormal this was going to be with all the changes. It's not that abnormal. Even if the course is unbelievably tough, look at the beautiful trees and the flowers. It's a paradise.”
 Serge Payer - “As a line we need to provide a little bit of offense. It's not a priority but, at the same time, we need to take advantage of every opportunity we have.”
 Gary Thayer - “Now that we're in a more open economy, and there's a lot more opportunity to get goods from overseas, if manufacturers are operating at full capacity, there's less likelihood that somebody will bid up prices at a domestic producer if they can get it somewhere else.”
 Joe Cayer - “Here's an opportunity to have something here.”
 Sharon Mayer - “We felt like it was our obligation and privilege if they'd like to share the work and proceeds from this year's event. It helps both our budgets and is our responsibility as a chamber to work with our non-profits in Allen, especially when there's a need like this.”
 Gary Thayer - “The bond market took the GDP number positively. It had expected stronger growth and some people may now be reminded that the Fed will not be quick to raise rates.”
 Gary Thayer - “The bond market took the GDP number positively, ... It had expected stronger growth and some people may now be reminded that the Fed will not be quick to raise rates.”
 Bob Mayer - “I'm real happy with the way we've played. I'm just waiting for a good number on the road.”
 Gary Thayer - “I think the headline number is a bit misleading. It doesn't suggest that the economy is in trouble. Consumer durables production is looking solid, so it's looking like there's still going to be strong first quarter GDP growth.”
 Gary Thayer - “The lower-than-expected number of new jobless claims shows that the labor market is continuing to improve. It suggests that the economy is strong and that companies are feeling more comfortable about hanging on to workers.”
 Gary Thayer - “It's a good number for the economy. Labor markets are improving, and that increases the likelihood that the economy will remain strong.”
 Gary Thayer - “The big number is the employment number on Friday. If that number comes in weak for the third consecutive month, views on the Fed are likely to change significantly.”
 Gary Thayer - “The employment component was just a tad lower than what we saw in November so it's still a healthy number.”
 Dale Layer - “We didn't stop number one, that's Brandon Heath's number, either time. He was the guy who made huge shots.”
 Michel Mayer - “We delivered on our commitments in 2005. We are pleased with this performance, but clearly are not yet satisfied. We are focusing on a number of initiatives to enhance operating results and grow revenues in 2006 and beyond.”
 Kurt Mayer - “We got a nice batch early in the year, but the long-range outlook had us warmer than normal, so this shouldn't be too much of a surprise.”
 Scott Niedermayer - “(There's) nothing better than playing in a rink where the fans are loud and making a bunch of noise. It makes it a more exciting, more intense game, one you like to be part of. How do we know until we get there (how things will be) I'm optimistic that hopefully (the fans) will be able to forget about the dark days we put them through for a whole year and come back and enjoy it.”
 Michael Mayer - “Friday night was one of our best efforts. We played pretty well.”
 John Mayer - “I feel my shows are like a late-night talk show that we settle down and do every night.”
 Dale Layer - “The game was won from the 3-point arc. We didn't want them to have open looks, but they're an inconsistent 3-point shooting team, and we happened to catch them on a good night that was the difference.”
 Jane Mayer - “But there have been many news reports that water-boarding has been used on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who is one of the major al Qaeda figures that we have in U.S. custody.”
 Gary Thayer - “It looks like consumers are feeling at least better about the current situation. But I still think there is a lot of uncertainty about the future. The geopolitical news is not very comforting.”
 Gary Thayer - “With the focus on the Federal Reserve, the PPI is probably more important to the market ... core prices improved only modestly and that's good news for the Fed.”
 Gary Thayer - “The good news is that what we've seen is an unchanged reading for the non-petroleum items ... so it doesn't look like we have a major inflation problem outside of oil, which is good for the Fed.”

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