My Favorite Quotes
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 Juanita Hayes - “How do we predict trends right now for the future I think we have done the best we can for now.”
 Reggie Hayes - “Stoops' reputation was reduced from 'pure genius' to 'smarter than Barry Switzer but not nearly as smarmy.'”
 Drew Hayes - “I'm trying to give (the injury) a break so I'm ready for the playoffs, ... That's the main thing, to be 100 percent for them.”
 Richard Hayes - “The SBA has developed a certification process designed to treat small companies equitably and give them an efficient first step into the federal procurement arena.”
 Jeff Hayes - “Many of them try to give the student as good a price as they can. They're not trying to maximize their profit.”
 Reggie Hayes - “Wouldn't it be easier just to ask Purdue who they'd give it away to at the end”
 Naylond Hayes - “We want the gold ball, and nothing else.”
 Jeff Hayes - “It was good to get back into the swing after a long break and to still be playing consistently.”
 Jason Hayes - “He's just a strong, hard-nosed kid. He could do certain things -- he's a beast with his Russian tie -- but he didn't know what he was working for, what he was trying to get. He was just going forward. A good wrestler knows where he's going with a move before the move. He's got to try to score. I had to put it in his head (that) you do this, then try to do this.”
 Tom Hayes - “Good player, very good player -- athletic, runs fast, track speed. He goes up and gets balls.”
 Randy Mayes - “He's just a really good athlete. We had holes we needed to fill on the defensive line and we felt like he could do the job for us and he did.”
 Von Hayes - “The kid definitely threw a great game. He's got good stuff. He got four pitches over. He worked very quickly. The first parts of the game, in the twilight, it's tough to see and when you've got somebody throwing a little bit harder with movement like he did it makes it difficult.”
 Edward Hayes - “I think the reason they didn't go with it is the government feels they are backpedaling to save an embarrassing situation,”
 Robert Hayes - “The secretary is confronting reality finally, and that is a good thing. We all know consumers were confused, but we had no sense the leadership in the federal government was so confused.”
 Tyrone Hayes - “We demonstrated that a realistic pesticides mixture (based on a mixture applied to an actual field) at low, ecologically relevant concentrations can have dramatic effects on amphibian development and growth and ultimately, we predict, survivorship.”
 Jay Hayes - “I think you'd like to say you'd get lighter, but I haven't. I've gotten heavier. The bigger issue is most of us, as players, we are always trying to get bigger. You learn to eat for that, and that's the habit that's hard to break.”
 Denis Hayes - “This set of recommendations is ecologically responsible, but it's not putting a hair shirt on Seattle.”
 Michael Hayes - “We have been pretty much playing with one hand tied behind our back.”
 Jay Hayes - “Anyone who wants to do this job - if you're not organized, maybe you shouldn't be a head coach. Marvin learned and took those things from other people. He built things his own way he does it his way. But he's taken something from everyone he's worked for.”
 Ted Hayes - “He bit a hole in the bag that was put over his head.”
 Robert Hayes - “This should not be a political war of spin. It is about basic human need - health and survival.”
 Jerry Hayes - “We had a lot of chances with our top guys with the puck on their stick in the slot, and we missed the net. It wasn't meant to be, apparently. It wasn't for lack of heart. We worked hard. It just didn't go in for us tonight.”
 Eric Hayes - “It's hard because I've always known him as a coach. He will still be a coach in my heart, but you won't see him on the sidelines.”
 Michael Hayes - “At the current rate, we would run out (of funds) by the end of January, which would be the earliest we would have to close the fund in the history of New York.”
 David Hayes - “She's a superstar. I'd be running her in the Melbourne Cup but I hope she doesn't,”

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