My Favorite Quotes
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 Joe Ayoob - “You can't turn over the ball five times and expect to win. It's something we have to work on.”
 Joe Ayoob - “Maybe it's something in the water.”
 Joe Ayoob - “A lot of the plays in the first half are to see how they react to formations, motions, that kind of thing. A lot of the first half is trial, but that's no excuse for us not moving the ball. The plays are still supposed to work.”
 Joe Ayoob - “The first week, I dwelled on my stats. This week, in the second half, that helped me out. I didn't worry about it. I'm feeling more comfortable every week.”
 Joe Ayoob - “I wanted to be the role model, to be the leader of the team. It was kind of hard.”
 Joe Ayoob - “I'm the quarterback -- you are going to get hit. Everyone on our offensive line played well, but obviously we did miss O'Callaghan.”
 Joe Ayoob - “A 'C' effort at best. We didn't play well at all. We had some good stats and Justin ran the ball amazingly, but we're a lot better than we showed.”
 Joe Ayoob - “The hardest part is your home fans booing you, but it comes with the territory. The guys have still got confidence in me. I just have to get confidence back in myself.”
 Joe Ayoob - “The guys are really positive. They've got confidence in me. I've just got to get confidence in myself, and we'll be all right. It doesn't feel too good. I feel like I let my team down and the fans down.”
 Keith Ayoob - “Evidence shows us that there are more overweight children now and more overweight infants and toddlers than there were 20 or 30 years ago.”
 Massad Ayoob - “You're born with intelligence, but not with ethics.”
 Massad Ayoob - “I resent 'experts' who have never faced deadly threat, yet who tell me and you that we should not consider a response of equal power against those who would threaten our lives.”