My Favorite Quotes
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 Kelly Ayotte - “This legislation gives prosecutors and law enforcement tools they need to keep sexual predators off the streets and to hold our worst child abusers fully accountable.”
 Kris Mayotte - “It's not the record we wanted. It's not the way we wanted to write history. We wanted to be the first (Union) team to win a playoff series.”
 Kris Mayotte - “I told the 'D' I had the shot. I just misplayed it. I started to dip a little, and then it went in. He did make a good shot.”
 Kelly Ayotte - “As natural gas and home heating-oil prices hit record highs, the federal government's failure to meet its obligation to revise energy-efficiency standards for common appliances calls out for prompt action.”
 Kelly Ayotte - “This act calls for parental notification to one parent before a minor obtains an abortion, but New Hampshire law also contains exceptions and provides adequate safeguards to protect any minor facing emergent health risks.”