My Favorite Quotes
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 Rob Ayoub - “It's good because things like the Internet Explorer notification will probably be enabled automatically along with some of the other security features you won't be able to turn off. Security is just necessary and it's good if it is enabled by default.”
 Rob Ayoub - “Because so many hacking attacks are not from the hackers' computer, but are instead spread throughout a system of many computers, that is one reason it is difficult for law enforcement.”
 Rob Ayoub - “The Internet changed how the viruses were distributed, but the driver for why it is more financial now is that the computer is so integrated in our daily lives. Fraud has been out their for years. Now, instead of bad checks, criminals acquire credit-card numbers online.”
 Rob Ayoub - “Keystroke logging is one of the oldest security tricks in the book. Hackers know now that if they can get one username and password, they're going to have pretty good luck getting into a number of different accounts.”
 Rob Ayoub - “In the past, it has always been if the company signs it, then it must be authentic. Microsoft needs to look at the digital signing process or else we will see more things like this and that is pretty dangerous because that gets around some of the safeguards that are supposed to keep these things out.”