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 Whit Ayres - “to elevate Roberts, Ayres said. ''It makes a whole lot of sense to switch Judge Roberts over to the chief justice position.”
 Whit Ayres - “Well before this happened, I was glad the '06 elections weren't being held this summer. The country's in a funk, and it was in a funk before Katrina. But there's a great deal of time for that mood to change.”
 Whit Ayres - “A lot of it depends upon how the program evolves over the next few months. Every major program is going to have growing pains. That's almost inevitable. The real question is not what seniors think of the program today as much as what they think of it at the end of the enrollment period.”
 Dan Ayres - “We know that digging razor clams is a holiday tradition for a lot of families, and the tides cooperated this year.”
 Whit Ayres - “The David Souter example - and to a lesser extent Anthony Kennedy - have made conservatives exceedingly skeptical of any urge to just 'trust me,'”
 Dan Ayres - “Those who wait could face long lines at licensing outlets on the coast,. Nobody wants to be standing in line to buy a license at low tide.”
 Dan Ayres - “It's a little down, but nothing to worry about. It's still in the range of good digging possibilities.”
 Rep. Ayres - “This is something the mayor has been working on for two years.”
 Gary Ayres - “I did actually think about that quite long and hard, I must admit, when you've been No.1 for 10 years.”
 Dan Ayres - “Digging was very successful during Nov. 12-15, and there was over 20,000 people who participated. The weather always plays a big factor, but I expect it to be equally as good.”
 Whit Ayres - “This issue has reached critical mass. People are demanding that something be done.”
 Dan Ayres - “We're especially pleased that we'll be able to offer folks the opportunity to dig their way into the new year, with the low tide on New Year's Eve.”
 Whit Ayres - “Public opinion on Iraq is overwhelmingly driven by events on the ground,”
 Whit Ayres - “It's hard to spin this as anything other than another problem dropped on the pile of troubles our side faces now. Bad news tends to come in bunches, and we've had a bunch lately.”
 Dan Ayres - “Starting in April, the lowest tides are in the morning, so that's when we schedule the digs. These morning digs tend to be very popular, partly because we often get good weather.”
 Gary Ayres - “Matthew is a leader and he showed that on Sunday when he just said to the boys to have a positive frame of mind. He also said that the group had done the hard work and, while we'll miss him, his words were inspirational.”
 Whit Ayres - “Most people have made up their minds about him one way or the other, but there's still a persuadable group in the middle who can be convinced that he's doing a good job, who are not at this point convinced.”
 Whit Ayres - “History suggests that all presidents go through times like this. For presidents, it is not a matter of if you will run into a period like this. It is how you react to them.”
 Whit Ayres - “People on either extreme would not be thrilled. But the vast majority would be extremely pleased if the president could find another Judge Roberts out there. Somebody of superb and unquestioned legal qualifications, devoted more to the law than promoting a particular agenda.”
 Whit Ayres - “Bad news tends to move in bunches, and this White House has had more than its share. When you are in one of these periods, the best thing is to keep your head down, stay focused on the job and wait for your luck to change.”
 Whit Ayres - “There's obviously a lot of confusion at the start of any major new program, but the real test will come in 9 or 10 months when seniors have made the selection of a plan and some of the initial kinks have been worked out.”
 Rep. Ayres - “We'll have to, obviously, look at the projections on state revenues. I know there's been strong interest over the past few years to try help as much possible in research and development.”
 Rep. Ayres - “We need to have a discussion based on data and the social significance of that data. Considering the time constraints, I think it was a good study.”
 Whit Ayres - “Just as a number of factors drove the polls down, several different factors are driving them up. The more specific and more measured discussion of Iraq is a factor, the continuing good news on the economy is a factor, and declining gas prices is a factor.”
 Whit Ayres - “She keeps showing up at the top of the polls because she is an extraordinarily able woman who would completely scramble the normal Republican vs. Democrat electoral dynamics.”

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