My Favorite Quotes
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 Debi Mazar - “I've never wanted to be the ingenue.”
 Debi Mazar - “I truly have a love-hate thing with the press.”
 Debi Mazar - “I think my career would probably be in a better place had I been more aggressive. But I don't have it in me. I'm not a competitive person, and I'm also really private.”
 Debi Mazar - “I started doing makeup to make a living. Then I said, You're not supposed to be putting powder on other people. You're supposed to be powdering yourself.”
 Ken Salazar - “At the end of the day, the president should know if he sends someone who is an ideologue or somebody who is an extremist right winger, that person is going to have a very, very difficult time getting through the Senate, ... I think you'll find unity among the Democratic caucus in opposing someone like that.”
 Ken Salazar - “He does not foresee a situation in which he would run for governor at this time,”
 Ken Salazar - “Too often in Washington special interests urge us to fight one another just because we belong to different parties. It is time for this to stop and for Washington to focus on what needs to be done.”
 Jaime Salazar - “Amid that shared misery, Salazar formed a bond with his fellows, thugs though many of them were. In your house you can kick the dog, ... But if I kick your dog, that's a different story. Once you leave the Foreign Legion gates, every man with a kepi blanc is your brother, without question. I can rest assured that if I was ever in any trouble in the south of France there'd be about 20 legionnaires backing me up. And to this day if I see a legionnaire on the street, he's my brother.”
 John Salazar - “The Stolen Valor Act of 2005,”
 Alex Azar - “It's the state and local distribution plans that will define victory.”
 Ken Salazar - “I don't think he would vote to overturn Roe vs. Wade,”
 John Salazar - “We do believe that higher wages are better for everyone,”
 Ken Salazar - “I want all the interested parties to come together and develop a solution that provides additional water and helps the lower Arkansas River communities thrive again.”
 Ken Salazar - “The U.S. must remain accountable for the promise under the Chemical Weapons Convention treaty it made to clean up Pueblo Chemical. The people of Pueblo deserve no less.”
 Ken Salazar - “In the West, you take people at their word.”
 Alberto Salazar - “I'm a traditional marathoner with a shuffling stride... I'm not the prettiest runner in the world, but I am efficient.”
 Ken Salazar - “At first glance, the President's mix of spending and spending cuts presents a fiscally tight budget. But, this proposal is ultimately what's wrong with Washington. The President is not being forthcoming about his budget or the booming deficit.”
 Yvette Salazar - “Our members have been working seven days a week without a day off and have worked for three years without a wage increase. We want to apologize to our riders, but the workers are extremely tired. This is the last straw.”
 Ken Salazar - “In the West, ... you take people at their word.”
 Alex Azar - “It will not be a cause for panic. It will not be a cause for people to stop hunting. It will not be a cause for people to stop eating poultry.”
 Al Pazar - “There's a lot of overcapacity in the fishery that will need to be addressed. Probably that won't be without some pain for some people.”
 Sara Lazar - “The results were very encouraging. But further research needs to be done using a larger number of people and testing them multiple times. We also need to examine their brains both before and after learning to meditate. Our group is currently planning to do this. Eventually, such research should reveal more about the function of the thickening that is, how it affects emotions and knowing in terms of both awareness and judgment.”
 Ken Salazar - “Frankly, we don't understand what the true motivation was,”
 Lara Azar - “We had another paper that ran the whole thing almost (verbatim) ... and we finally got that paper to retract it. We've contacted this reporter and asked them to correct the mistake.”
 Debi Mazar - “Being a publicist is like management in a lot of ways - you're their friend, you're their mother, you're their confidante.”

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