My Favorite Quotes
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 Zahir Azimi - “We are waiting for the results and they could come any time.”
 Zahir Azimi - “will not worry us.”
 Zahir Azimi - “The explosion which occurred at the parking lot of a military training center here at 430 p.m. Wednesday claimed the lives of nine and injured 36 others.”
 Zahir Azimi - “The toll is nine people killed - one civilian driver and eight military personnel - and 36 wounded,”
 Zahir Azimi - “Defense Minister has been deeply angered over the issue and constituted a commission to probe it independently.”
 Zahir Azimi - “Burning human body is against Islam, against the law of the land, a breach to international norm s and contrary to US law.”
 Zahir Azimi - “The joint military exercise aiming at boosting cooperation in war on terrorism will begin from May 1 and be concluded on May 12.”
 Zahir Azimi - “It was a suicide attack,”
 Zahir Azimi - “The minister is safe. He had already left the airport by helicopter when the attack happened.”
 Zahir Azimi - “It was a suicide attack. The person was wearing an army uniform and was on a motorbike which he rammed into the convoy of the National Army officers.”
 Zahir Azimi - “We don't know exactly the scale of the damage. Afghan National Army troops are on the ground helping villagers,”
 Zahir Azimi - “The attacker carried the bomb in a motorcycle and detonated when he drove to the parking area of a military training center. Nine including five Afghan National Army (ANA) soldiers were killed, and 28 others injured,”
 Zahir Azimi - “At the same time as the minister's vehicles were passing by, a group of Afghan National Army soldiers fired at each other over a dispute which they had from previous days,”