My Favorite Quotes
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 Paul Azinger - “I'm highly disappointed, for a lot of people. Not for me, because I have a golf career. I'm disappointed for all the people behind the scenes that you're never going to see or hear of.”
 Paul Azinger - “The longer Bermuda gets, the weaker the grass is, the blade itself, and it doesn't withstand the weight of the ball and the ball drops all the way to the bottom. Out West, the blade's wider. It's thicker, heavier grass, and the ball (rarely) reaches the ground.”
 Paul Azinger - “I hit it well Thursday, ... I only missed three fairways, but my wedge game hurt me and I just didn't score. I didn't really hit my wedge that well Friday.”
 Paul Azinger - “Now he's calling me all the time.”
 Paul Azinger - “The greens for the first time, really all year, are going to be firm. That takes a little getting used to.”
 Paul Azinger - “There is nothing wrong with calling it after 54 holes,”
 Paul Azinger - “I don't hate it as much today (Thursday) as I did yesterday (when the pro-am was played in strong winds). We players fuss and moan and complain that all the courses on Tour are the same and when somebody finally builds something different like this, what do we do We fuss and moan and complain.”
 Paul Azinger - “The best players in the world are playing to make history. There are only four tournaments you can win to make history, and TPC (The Players Championship) is not one of them. And neither are those world events. And you're not going to make history winning some kind of FedEx Cup.”
 Paul Azinger - “Jack absolutely has to have this. Even if he pars here, he needs to finish birdie-birdie-birdie to make the cut. If he misses, there's no chance.”
 Paul Azinger - “There is nothing wrong with calling it after 54 holes. The whole way it was handled didn't make any sense to me.”
 Paul Azinger - “Greensboro's got too much history for the Tour to pull out, ... You're telling me you're going to pull the plug on a tournament that's been around for as long as this one has That Sam Snead won (eight) times I'd like to think the PGA has some loyalty and better sense than that.”
 Paul Azinger - “All I know is, these are the greatest courses on the planet. And the greatest players usually come to the greatest courses. ... So if they're not here, you have to ask yourself some other question, right”
 Paul Azinger - “That's just a testament to the golf courses. It's a diverse test. They put bunkers in places where those big boys will find them and I won't. It's different this week.”
 Paul Azinger - “They turned it around and got it headed back toward the lake. It was headed for the crowd to chew on a youngster.”
 Paul Azinger - “He was quoted as saying I had a homemade grip and a hatchet swing. I was quoted as saying he's the slowest player on earth, but in all those years, I'd never had a conversation with him. Who has”
 Paul Azinger - “There was a time when the guys who hit it long were considered dumb-asses, because they just bombed it and didn't care where it was going. I can hear Lee Trevino saying, 'If that guy had half a brain ' Now, that's the game. Vijay bombs it. Tiger bombs it. It doesn't go in the fairway, but that doesn't matter. Tiger was dead last in fairways at San Diego, and he won.”
 Paul Azinger - “I hope with all the finger-pointing and the blame game regarding federal-relief that people don't get discouraged to give.”
 Paul Azinger - “Too many questions. I'll answer a question with a question Do you know how it's going to work, because I sure don't”
 Paul Azinger - “I would rather be the action than reporting the action, ... Unfortunately, I've played so poorly that reporting is my best alternative.”
 Paul Azinger - “I like TV I don't love TV. I would rather be the action, not reporting the action.”